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This shapely little music student has wonderful tits that h Read on for all the excuses you need to schedule sex tonight. Hide Caption 1 of 10 Photos: And you don't have to act like bunnies to get the benefit; a study of 30, Americans over four decades found that sex at least once a week was enough to make people happy. Hide Caption 2 of 10 Photos: A recent study found that women who said they had frequent, extremely satisfying sex had a lower risk of hypertension, a common precursor to heart disease.

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Hide Caption 3 of 10 Photos: A study of 32, men over 18 years found that men who ejaculate at least monthly may be less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer later in life. Hide Caption 4 of 10 Photos: Add it to the end of your workout as a reward with benefits. Hide Caption 5 of 10 Photos: Studies have found that even stimulation without orgasm can reduce menstrual cramps, chronic back and leg pain, even migraines. Something to think about the next time you consider saying "Not now, honey, I have a headache! Men over 50 who had more sex were better at word recall and number sequencing, while older women improved only in word recall, according to a study published by Oxford University.

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