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14 Exclusive Makeup Tips for Older Women from a Professional Makeup Artist

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If you are getting double takes, it may not be for a good reason. It's sad when women don't realize they're wearing too much makeup and aging themselves. We've all seen these makeup disasters, even in younger women who can usually get away with so much! You know the makeup that only goes to the chin, or maybe halfway down the neck, but you can still see the line where it begins and ends? We want to avoid this, especially for those of us who are starting to show signs of aging. Here are some tips that might work for your skin type and style. Use the Correct Color Tone for Your Skin No matter what type of makeup you use it needs to blend into the skin completely.

It has to be the right color for you. Many shops that sell makeup will help you with this, and let you see for yourself.

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Try a BB Cream. They're lighter than foundation, but help to even out our skin tone. A makeup that's good for your skin? Maybe it's not so bad after all! The video above is amazing. You can readily see how makeup can be used to erase fine lines and wrinkles, and the makeup artist tells you everything you need, and how to do it. I will be watching it a few more times and taking notes! Julia Louis-Dreyfus has used a neutral color palette, and very little powder to make sure her face stays fresh and youthful. Warm up your skin tone: A very pale complexion needs a tinted moisturizer, at the very least. Or perhaps a slight rose-colored gel stick blended evenly over the cheeks, nose, and chin.

Go easy on the foundation: A caked-on foundation will only add years, not take them off. Go easy on the concealer: Trying to hide dark circles and wrinkles can backfire when you start layering on concealer and powder. Instead, use a cream-colored liquid concealer, and smooth out the edges.

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Dark lipsticks are as bad for older skin as intensely dark eyeshadow. The lipstick can make your lips look thinner and bleed into the wrinkles around your mouth. Don't draw a line around your entire eye. The second that we started filming, everything changed. Not only is Ariane a fabulous makeup artist, but, she is also a warm and charismatic person. We ended up having SO much fun filming together! By the end of two days, we had recorded a complete series of makeup tutorials, designed specifically for women over Since not everyone has had the opportunity to watch them yet, I wanted to give you some of her best tips, in article form. Of course, nothing beats seeing the techniques demonstrated, but, I hope that the following tips will help you to get the most from your makeup so that you can look and feel your best.

She has worked with women of all ages, helping them to discover makeup and use smart techniques to look and feel their best. She is passionately focused on positive aging, not anti-aging. Her belief is that contemporary makeup formulations and techniques can be used to highlight your best features and manage any small areas that you feel need a little enhancing! Use Primer Primer evens out the skin and holds lighter weight foundations in place. Consider a tinted primer which gives the benefits of primer, moisturizer and foundation all in one. Instead, use a light weight luminous formulation that will create a more natural look.

Use a Foundation Brush Apply foundation with a brush instead of a sponge. It will give you better coverage and longer lasting results. Apply Concealer After Your Foundation If you are a foundation user, always apply concealer after foundation rather than before. It also looks much more natural. While looking through this list of 26 tips, you will find some that are perfect for your makeup style and some that you might have to practice over and over to get just right. No matter which tips you try, have fun and keep enjoying your makeup! Master the coveted winged eyeliner look Source: All you need is a piece of Scotch tape. This look is easy to master while tracing the edge of the tape for the wing.

Just follow the edges carefully to begin your perfect cat eye lines. Get rid of dark circles. Instead of putting your concealer right under your eyes to hide the circles, there is a better way. Instead, apply your concealer by drawing an upside-down triangle the eyes, then blend.

Your inexpensive pencil eyeliner can act like a fancy gel eyeliner Source: All you need is a source of heat, like a lighter or match. Warm of the tip of the liner and apply it to get that smudgy look that is characteristic of gel liners. Get your eyeshadow to pop! From basic brown shadow to gorgeous green, white eyeliner will do wonders for your look. Use the white eyeliner as a base, and prep your eyelids with it before applying your color. Then go over the white with the color of your choice.

Put mascara only where you want it. You can use the spoon to keep mascara on your eyelashes and off of your skin. Just put the spoon against your eyelid and apply your mascara on your upper lashes. Do the same on the lower eyelashes, too. Using the spoon will let it catch the residue and keep you from making a streaky mess on your skin. Get the sexy smoky eye look. Do you want a glamorous smokey eye? All you need is an eyebrow pencil in your favorite smokey color. Using the pencil, put a hashtag sign on the outer corner of your eyelid. Then, blend to get the perfect smoky look. This trick is best achieved with a pencil that has a smudger on the end to make the blending effortless.

If you have any stray smudges, remove them carefully with a cotton swab. Keep your mascara ready to use. With a little saline solution, eye drops, in your mascara tube, you can make it last a little longer. Drop a bit of the solution inside the tube, then dip the wand and rub it around a bit. When you are looking for a new foundation, you should apply it to your neck. If you rely on matching the color to your hands rather than your face, you may end up with a poor match. Instead dab it along your jawline to make sure it blends well.

Lush, curled eyelashes are easy to get. Use your hairdryer to gently heat up your eyelash curler. Warm up the device and curl your lashes. Just do not overheat the eyelash curler so you do not burn your eyelashes. Makeup artists prefer this method to using eyelash curlers with a built-in heating element because the effect looks much more natural.

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