Rotunda coolant test strips

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6.7L Diesel Maint.

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Why couldn't the dealer tell you what test failed? I think my dealer does a great job. If it were my truck, I'd put the additive in and keep driving.

It was just the parts guy that didn't know. He assured me they all used the same coolant. If you suspect any coolant system leaks or lack of cooling, pressure test the cooling system. Rotunda to determine if additive is required.

To ensure optimum cold weather starting performance, and improve cabin heating, the volt engine block heater should be used during any cold weather operation. Check coolant nitrite strength using the 3-Way Antifreeze Test Strip kit. I would think that would be expected. They should tell you which coolant system failed.

Test strips coolant Rotunda

Engine coolant system strength carboxylates should be checked and serviced at the mileage or equivalent hour intervals specified by the vehicle's message center and maintenance schedule. The DEF tank should be refilled at every oil change to avoid running out. If the carboxylate strength with this additive up to two times before the cooling system must be flushed and refilled - Do not add Supplemental Coolant additive if Flush and refill is required. Operation of the 6. The engine block heater is required when the vehicle is to be started at temperatures below F C. Primary or Secondary system, And which test the coolant failed.

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Oil and Filter- Oil change service intervals should be completed as indicated by the instrument cluster message center. Originally Posted by Lucent View Rotnda The dealer couldn't say what part of coplant various tests failed, just that I needed a flush. If you want to prevent problems with your Ford Power Stroke Diesel engines it is essential to follow the recommended oil and filter, fuel filter, and coolant maintenance guidelines. Performance Modifications May Impact Your Powertrain Performance modifications may or may not be the root cause of a powertrain failure.

I handed it back to him and came home and doubled check what additive was needed and returned and told him and the Service Manager that he was passing out the wrong stuff.

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