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Making these lucky stars can become addictive too. You can even make them while watching TV or while waiting for your friends. Papers of different colours cut into strips are used to construct lucky stars of different sizes.

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These colourful little origami creations look stunning when placed in a glass bottle or bowl for display. This is a great activity for both adults and children who like Strip paper folding. They will be occupied with hours of fun making the lucky stars. The stars when threaded together like beads can be made into a necklace, garland, earrings or a curtain of lucky star beads. Getting Started Here are the steps on how to make stars out of paper strips. You will need some colourful origami paper, they are available in some craft stores or Japanese products stores. They are also available online from Amazon or eBay.

However, if you cannot wait to get started on this activity with the kids, you can make your own paper strips by using any A4 sized coloured paper, construction paper or wrapping paper. You can choose different themes for your lucky stars, like autumn colours or Christmas colours. How to Make Lucky Stars Cut the paper into strips. As a beginner, you can start with 1.

The narrower Strio strip of paper, the smaller the star will be. Make a loop at one end of the strip. Tie into a loose knot. Tighten the knot and flatten it down.

Tuck the excess short end under so that it looks like a small pentagon with a long tail. Wrap the Strip paper strip around the pentagon by aligning the Strop and folding to the other side. Before you finish the top, you will need to cut your leaves and paper strip for vines. Please ohh and ahh and my amazing cutting. Next, hole punch your leaves and stem on the end. Wrap your vines around a pencil to make them curly and cute. Now slide your vine paper strips and then your leaves onto the top of your pumpkin. I wrapped my pipe cleaner around the pencil to curl it and finish it off. You could definitely make this more high end with some adorable patterned scrapbook paper and maybe instead of a pipe cleaner, twine.

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I will definitely have to experiment with more options and I encourage you to do the same. If you are rocking this with kids or in a classroom, some construction paper and a pipe cleaner makes for a pretty cheap craft. If you try this one out, tag me on social media— Facebook and Instagram balancinghome on both. I love it when seeing your work! It is so inspiring. Want FREE printables and more.

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