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The language is very strong with tons of f-words over nudf A man drives recklessly and gets stopped by a cop. Spoilers Very brief ccry frontal female nudity no genitals shown when Brandon's biological sex is revealed. This scene lasts for about a minute and is mostly off-screen. A woman wraps a bandage around her breasts to flatten them, we see her breasts for a couple seconds. A trans man's breasts are very briefly glimpsed as he removes bandages from them. A female-to-male transsexual is raped by two men.

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Booys brutal rape occurs where two men beat and rape a young woman. She meets a group of people at a bar and they immediately take to her him as Nuds and finally feels accepted, especially when she meets and falls in love with Lana Chloe Sevigny who thinks Brandon is just the kindest down-to-earth guy. We see a shirtless man, a trans male in his panties wrapping a cloth bandage around his breasts to flatten them no nudity and another girl in her bra and panties. This film was truly great with an amazing message about acceptance and staying true to yourself.

Another sex scene Boya nothing explicit like the first, removal of clothing but no nudity. We very briefly see a girl's crt backside as she's showering. Sexual content is also strong and includes a woman disguised as a man having sex with another woman who thinks she's a man, we see them kissing passionately and eventually thrusting on top of her when he uses a sexual device on her, some moaning sounds and one breast is shown.

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