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Monday's bent only lads that thing. The Arbitron outlets released in showed a member in Casual's popularity. Complicated accused Leno of municipal his segments such as frustrated red carpet interviews and dating Mark Keith Kallenbacha tray of the show's Receptionist Review.

I still sounded like an FM announcer". Stern held a bra-burning shern and wrestled women outside the studios, and Totalky listeners to confess the most outrageous places where they had sex, and record their calls for the air. He wished for a news person to riff with him in the studio. Later, he wrote that the Air Florida segment was not the reason for his departure, nor did anyone complain about it. With his on-the-fly style, he provided jokes for such show bits like "Stump the Comedian" and "The Howrd Game". He had a naked woman on the show for the first time and attempted to make another reach orgasm through her radio speaker, both of which were reenacted in his film Private Parts.

The Arbitron ratings released in showed a rise in Stern's popularity. Having moved shifts to 3—7 pm, he attracted audience shares of 3. On September 30,the show was cancelled due to what management termed as "conceptual differences" between themselves and Stern regarding his show. He achieved his goal in Apriland held a celebratory "funeral" for DeBella on May 10 in Rittenhouse Square which aired live. That year, Stern returned to the Washington, D. Listeners jammed the station's switchboard during the first simulcast with mostly negative calls about the change. He was reaching over one million listeners a week there, [41] and hosted a live victory parade in Times Square to celebrate.

Selena, Canada, and Columbine controversies[ edit ] On April 3,three days after the shooting of singer Selenaa rift in the Hispanic community occurred after Stern commented on her music and Spanish people. After a song of hers was played with gunshot sound effects, Stern said "Spanish people have the worst taste in music. They have no depth.

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Alvin and the Chipmunks have more soul. Stations would be able to choose shows from a hour menu or carry the network's programming around the clock. Anybody who speaks French is a scum bag. It turns you into a coward. Just like in World War II, they would not stick up for us. Screw your culture and we're invading you all. Did [the suspects] try to have sex with any of the good looking girls? At least if you are going to kill yourself and kill all the kids, why wouldn't you have some sex? If I was going to kill some people, I'd take them out with sex.

That's how I think. I had zero intent to make fun of the situation. The point in making that comment was an attempt to try to understand a motive. We didn't know anything about motives [the morning after] and were trying to consider all possibilities. Plato had been living in Tulsa, Oklahomasurrounded by rumors of her sexuality and drug abuse, which became the biggest topic of the interview. After telling Stern she had been sober for over a decade and denying rumors about her lesbian relationship, some callers accused her of lying. At some point Stern suggested that Plato do a urinalysis to prove them wrong, while Plato agreed to give a hair sample for analysis.

Stern also asked her if she had ever considered suicide to which she replied, "Hell no.

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