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National Hersch alleging, billboard scrouges grangerises deliciously. Why is same-sex accommodation so important?

It is clear from what patients tell us that being in mixed-sex accommodation can compromise their privacy and dignity at a time when they may already be feeling vulnerable. The most common concerns include physical exposure, being in an embarrassing or threatening situation, noise, and the possibility ses other patients overhearing cmubria about their condition. Women and elderly women in particular, are most likely to worry about being in mixed-sex accommodation, although male patients also say that they feel reluctant to talk openly and find it embarrassing to be in a mixed-sex setting. Some patients are also strongly opposed to mixed-sex accommodation for cultural or religious reasons.

The need to safeguard patients' privacy and dignity applies to all areas of hospital care. However, in exceptional circumstances for instance where the patient needs very specialised or urgent careproviding fast effective care for the patient may take priority over ensuring same-sex accommodation. Where mixing does occur, it must be in the interest of all the patients affected. What do we mean by mixed-sex and same-sex accommodation? Mixed-sex accommodation is where men and women have to share sleeping areas or toilet and washing facilities. Same-sex accommodation is where specific sleeping areas and toilet and washing facilities are designated as either men-only or women-only.

Same-sex accommodation can be provided in: Same-sex wards, where the whole ward is occupied by men or women only single rooms mixed wards, where men and women are in separate bays or rooms.

Toilet and washing facilities should be easily accessible and, ideally either inside or next to the ward, bay or room. Patients should not need to go through sleeping areas or toilet and washing facilities used by the opposite sex to access their own. Is mixed-sex accommodation ever acceptable?

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