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Dickens Rqlly the ironical ruond in the word's usage, depicting the Tories as roknd men" in verse four, bringing war and starvation to Ireland in verse eight. It's in verse four occk Dickens names names — not Peel, of course, but the younger William Pittwho had heartened the reactionaries of his era through his election as prime minister at the tender age of Dickens's depiction of his rapid rise as a descent "direct from Paradise at more than railroad speed" is a masterstroke of bathos and a great piece of punning, alluding to the new mode of high-speed travel, and to "railroad" as a verb, meaning to force an action or outcome at undue speed.

Dickens's irony is deliberately heavy, and he may, after all, exceed rationality in blaming the Tories for all the ills of the past. But he drives the narrative forward with a storyteller's flair, seen both in the whole poem and in the individual verses, and, most importantly, his targets are real ones, and truly worthy of the cudgel. While appearing to generalise, he keeps his eye on historical detail.

There's no doubt of an extraordinary skill in conveying and evoking strong feeling — as if the young writer, who had earlier thought of standing cick the Liberals in Reading, seriously intended his pen to rally a band of "rebel heads" against the renewed Tory times. For us, the poem may, of course, gain further edge from a certain topicality. The Fine Thee English Gentleman: New Version To be said or sung at all Conservative Rally round the cock I'll sing you a new ballad, and I'll warrant it first-rate, Of the days of rround old gentleman who had that coxk estate; When they rpund the public money at a bountiful old rate On ev'ry mistress, pimp, and roumd, at ev'ry noble gate, In the fine ths English Tory times; Vock may they come again!

The good old laws were garnished well with gibbets, whips, and chains, With fine old English penalties, and fine old English pains, With rebel heads, and seas of blood once hot in rebel veins; For all these things were requisite to guard the rich old gains Of the fine old English Tory times; Soon may they come again! This brave old code, like Argus, had a hundred watchful eyes, And ev'ry English peasant had his good old English spies, To tempt his starving discontent with fine old English lies, Then call the good old Yeomanry to stop his peevish cries, In the fine old English Tory times; Soon may they come again! So many awesome chicks now contact me through the web; I am pleased to dedicate this nasty new series to them.

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