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Oropharyngeal Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Infection

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Evidence strongly suggests that oropharyngeal HPV is predominantly transmitted by sexual contact.

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An increase in oral sex is suspected ofal the cause of the increase in the prevalence hhman oropharyngeal HPV infection, although several sexual behaviors seem to be related to HPV prevalence. The risk of infection increases with an increasing number of lifetime or recent sexual partners for any type of sexual behavior vaginal sex, oral sex. If genital warts are larger, they may be frozen off or treated by diathermy or laser treatment. Sometimes, if the warts are very large, they are best removed surgically.

Treatment is also available after an abnormal Cervical Orall Test result, depending virs the type of changes that are seen. A healthcare provider can usually diagnose warts by looking at the genital area. Does HPV cause cancer? HPV can cause cervical and other srx including cancer of the vulva, vagina, penis, or anus. It can also cause caatch in the back of the throat, including the cam of the tongue and tonsils called oropharyngeal cancer. Cancer often takes years, even decades, to develop after a person gets HPV. There is no way to know which people who have HPV will develop cancer or other health problems.

They may also be more likely to develop health problems from HPV. How can I avoid HPV and the health problems it can cause? Most of the symptoms of a developing HPV positive infection are discovered by asking questions not using a test, a light or other device to do so. Like other cancer screenings you engage in, such as cervical, skin, prostate, colon and breast examinations, opportunistic oral cancer screenings are an effective means of finding cancer at its early, highly curable stages. This is why it is so important that persistent problems, those which do not resolve in a short period of time like weeks, are pursued until a definitive diagnosis of what it is, is established. Most of the time these will be issues that are not cancer, but persistent problems need to be addressed, cancer or not.

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted virus and infection in the US. There are nearly cn strains of HPV, oraal of which are harmless and do not cancer. Out of all these, 9 are known to cause cancers, and another 6 are suspected of causing cancers as they are commonly found along pappilloma one of the nine we know to be oncogenic. In oral cancers, we are primarily concerned with HPV huan 16 which is also sxe with cervical, anal, and penile cancers besides those of the oropharynx. You can have HPV without ever knowing it because the virus often produces cann signs or symptoms that you will notice, and the immune response to clear it is not a process that you will be aware of.

Of those approximately are HPV The vast majority of individuals will clear the virus naturally through their own immune response, and never know that they were exposed or had it. A person can have HPV for many years, even decades, before it is detected or it develops into something serious like a cancer. Use latex condoms the right way every time you have sex. This can lower your chances of getting HPV, however HPV can infect areas that are not covered by a condom — so condoms may not give full protection against getting HPV; Be in a mutually monogamous relationship — or have sex only with someone who only has sex with you. Who should get vaccinated? All boys and girls ages 11 or 12 years should get vaccinated.

Catch-up vaccines are recommended for males through age 21 and for females through age 26, if they did not get vaccinated when they were younger. The vaccine is also recommended for gay and bisexual men or any man who has sex with a man through age How does HPV affect relationships?

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HPV infections orsl rarely cause symptoms, in men or in women. Because women are examined more frequently than men, they are also more likely to be tested for HPV — for example, oeal a Pap test detects abnormal cells in papillo,a mucous membrane around the opening of the cervix. Some women find it difficult cn tell their partner about their infection. But both partners may be infected, even in long-term relationships. What happens if the infection persists? Most HPV infections clear up on their own because the immune system recognizes the viruses and kills them.

So far there is no treatment to fight the HPV viruses themselves. Long-term HPV infections can cause cells to change. The cells often become normal again on their own. But they may stay abnormal or change even more. It can take a long time months or years for symptoms to develop and be noticed. Could I get HPV? Anyone who is sexually active, including people who experience sexual violence, can get HPV. HPV is most easily passed on during sex without a condom; this includes vaginal intercourse and anal intercourse.

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