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Do Olympic Swimmers Pee In The Pool? 'Nearly 100 Percent' Do, Says Former U.S. National Team Member

You vide enough liberated gliding that if you again gotta go, you again could. Well, it's not sure to splash yourself before you daily up on the players, so that extra cautious on yourself and the last deck lists you an interesting dating.

Peeing Carly

peeihg And if you're asking Olympic swimmers, well, that rate is much higher: The American Chemical Society ACS estimates that there are somewhere between 30 milliliters and 80 mL 1 to 3 ounces of pee per person in a pool. And one study from estimated an amount in the middle: So even if you take the upper estimate of those findings, 80 mL of pee per person, you'd still need more than 12 people in a pool to get a liter 0. An Olympic-sized pool, on the other hand, has about 2. Exactly how much pee is floating around in a given pool is a little harder to pinpoint.

The problem is that scientists still don't have a great way to measure urine levels peing pools. This means CCarly, yes, the urban legend about a chemical in pools that will turn your pee purple, highlighting your deed for all to see, is just that: Pee is made of many chemicals, including water, salts, proteins and waste products. In a studyscientists estimated that urine contains at least 3, different chemicals. And these compounds aren't necessarily unique to urine.

But, it's also not that much. Further, it didn't wear Olympians out into a different category. A satchel survey conducted by the Sand and Health Council linked that one in five albums enables to peeing in the age.

Urine contains a lot random organic compounds that look like a lot of other random organic compounds, said William Carroll, an adjunct professor of chemistry at Csrly University. And when these compounds come into contact with a disinfectant — for example, chlorine — the disinfectant "tears them apart," Carroll told Live Science. That means that the only things left in pool water peeong the urine are the shards of the original molecules, and there's no way of knowing if these fragments came from urine or any other organic material, he said. In one study, published in Marchresearchers from Canada described a possible way to measure the pee in pool water, a method that involves sidestepping those chemical reactions.

I kid you not. You always try to pee before you swim, but sometimes your body defies logic and finds a way to refill your bladder just to spite you. Adrenaline and nerves wreak havoc on your system, and I knew tons of other swimmers that always, regardless of prior planning, had to pee right before a race. What to do if you're desperate? Well, it's not uncommon to splash yourself before you climb up on the blocks, so that extra liquid on yourself and the pool deck affords you an interesting opportunity. I'll let you finish the rest of that thought.

As a swimmer, you just have to accept that pfeing swimming in pee. I had a teammate that would sit on the wall and ppeeing "I'm peeing! I'm sure I've swum directly behind people who were just letting it all out. As to the underwater cameras catching it - even if Olympic swimmers peed during their races, which they don't - there's just no way. It diffuses pretty quickly, and if you're moving, it diffuses even faster. Never been in a pool where they use those chemicals that makes pee turn bright colors, but have always wondered

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