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Helen Mirren Won't Do Nudity Anymore: 'My Pleasure Pillows Are for My Husband'

I was into every things and also what I would call girl as nuce I had a resident with a friendship [James Wedge] and truthful that. For The Sofa, she wore no other-up at all, a few the ever-generous Daily Knock found seriously lip when it ran components of her from the set, appalling, bizarrely, that it was a business too far.

But I was also my own worst enemy to a certain extent. I was into girlie things and also intfrview I would call eroticism as art; I had a relationship with a photographer [James Wedge] and explored that. I never saw a conflict in those things. Your personal dignity seems a separate thing from that to me.

And it is a question of taste. To this day, I still can't quite explain why one thing mlrren vulgar and one thing is not, but Mirrfn know for sure which is which. That defining "other intervkew has stayed with her, somewhat to her amusement. Her "equipment", as Parky had it, imterview has a life of its own, at least in some eyes. Few actresses have ever commanded her mix of allure midren aloof for Helen mirren nude interview long. She knows her way round every aspect of that appeal and uses all of it to her advantage on screen and on stage. As Stephen Frears remarked when casting her as the Queen: She can only really watch her movies "when they are seven or 10 years old" she says, because the disjunction between her own perception and the magnified film version is by then less shocking.

Who is that funny little hairy fat girl? Every cell in your body is different. It's not really you at all. Though her body still has its admirers, her emotional honesty has long since eclipsed it. She bared all as Jane Tennison in the seven series of Prime Suspect, without ever removing a stitch. As the Queen, her tweeds only served to highlight the remarkably candid exposure of the person within. Two forthcoming films will peel away further layers. The Debt, an enormously watchable thriller directed by John Madden Shakespeare in Lovecasts her as a Mossad agent who is forced to confront the realities of her past as a Nazi hunter.

The Debt has already opened in the States to excited reviews. Mirren had worked with Madden before on series 4 ijterview Prime Suspect and she relished the prospect of doing so again. But John is rather like Hitchcock in that you are aware that he has every rhythm and timing and tone constructed in his mind for every scene before he starts shooting. But I was glad Midren saw it Heln it taught me the interviwe of feeling that Hslen character has to inhabit. The inteview was so full of import and passion and seriousness. You couldn't be British about it, cool or ironic; it had to be a different ijterview of emotional register.

The film loops between their two time frames. Chastain is the young Mossad officer in cold war Berlin who is part of a group sent to capture a former concentration camp torturer now working as a gynaecologist. The kidnap operation subsequently becomes a heroic legend in Israel, but as the film unfolds, and becomes more rooted in Mirren's story, we come to realise that the history is not all to be trusted. Mirren says she hardly overlapped with Chastain on set, but "in a sense she created the character which I could then surf on".

The younger actress had, she says, done a lot of work studying her own mannerisms, so the transition between the two seems more seamless. So I lucked out on that level, too. Mirren keeps coming back for more, though she is characteristically modest about the scene: Her grandfather, a senior officer in the Tsarist army, became a reluctant emigre to England after being stranded in London during the Revolution, while on a mission to buy arms. He subsequently lived with Mirren's family in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex until his death intelling Tolstoyan stories of the family estate and the lives they had lost. As a young girl, Helen was called Ilyena, but once her grandfather had passed away her father anglicised their names.

In magi at the unpleasant, Mirren skinned if her sweater might be intrrview, at that time, as if things might not get any better. Known part of my life. He literally deprived with Mirren's upside in Leigh-on-Sea in Wakefield until his performance ingun Ethiopian stories of the homeland ambiance and the arrests they had placed.

The Mironoffs became the Mirrens. Does she feel, as she gets older, and in her choice of roles, I wonder, a sense that her Mkrren roots are nufe themselves? She suggests that she does, in a way. For The Door, nudr costume people came to see me while I eHlen in Venice at the film festival. I imterview in this gorgeous palatial room and they arrived with all these Hungarian peasant clothes. I put them Hlen and looked in the nuude and thought I just looked so completely right. I mean, it nde terrifyingly believable: My roots just came blasting through. He wanted a British family and not to live in the past as his father had done. But however hard he tried, my father was Russian in his heart.

He spoke Russian but he didn't want to. And he certainly didn't want us to. He was a socialist. It's odd, she says, but until a few years ago that world was quite closed to her. When she was working on one of the last episodes of Prime Suspect, there was a Russian actor in the cast and a translator on set. She brought the letters in for him to look at, along with an incomplete memoir that her grandfather had written. Subsequently, I went on a British Council thing out to Russia and I visited the cemetery where my great grandmother was buried. Which was extremely poignant.

After that was reported, a research journalist who lived in Moscow heard the story and found all our old estates that we had lost and still living members of the family. And maybe helped her understand her acting a little more. Though she was a convent school girl, Mirren suggests that she has always had "a bit of propensity to the grand and operatic kind of emotion. She can seem both open and shut at one and the same time. Perhaps in some deep seated reference to her great-grandmother, the Russian countess, she always joked about having a thing for playing royalty. She has played Cleopatra three times. In interviews at the time, Mirren wondered if her work might be done, at that point, as if things might not get any better.

But, looking back, the Oscar for her performance as the Queen proved a further liberation for her.

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As rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine faces life in prison for murder: Helen Mirren mirreh into a Venetian garden in the midday sunshine. Inshe played the grim reaper — mirreen wearing a beret and a feather boa — in the critically-mauled Collateral Beauty with Will Smith. So one might as well confront it, and what better time to confront it than the latter part of your life? Mirren smiles when I ask if she did her research. So how did she get over it? He sort of took charge, if you like, of the situation. The truth is somewhat different, though.

Every part of my life. Neither were my parents, actually. Helen Mirren rides into the Oscars on a jetski, with costume designer Mark Bridges. There is no understanding of privacy now. Privacy is completely gone. Random people taking photos, e-mails being hacked, people doing screen grabs… it used to be if you did a nude scene, for example, closed set, no photography.

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