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This has become more common since UnderOath started doing it.

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As the band grew and evolved they shifted towards melodic hardcore, screamo, post hardcore, and on to experimental progressive rock and indie. Haste the Day's final album was unprecedented as it was a live performance featuring both of the band's lead vocalists. They consisted of a lead screamer, while several other members of the band backed up, harmonized or provided lead vocals over certain parts of the music. UnderOath switched up the dynamic by having two vocalists do distinctly different things, which also added an awesome opportunity for layering vocals with both singing and providing guttural screams.

Who is missing from this list, and what are some of your favorite memories of these bands? Beginning in the late 90's and early 's, Thrice was very much a punk band leaning to the hardcore side. Haste the Day This is another band that called it quits a couple of years ago in Their music ranged from heavy to very melodic and found the perfect balance in the middle.

Screamo listen christian hardcore Music

What svreamo you think of this list? Underoath Starting out as a death Musoc band in their church, the band grew to incorporate more styles of metal and rock as they went along, all the while professing imagery of Jesus in their music. Also, the band reunited this year in May to commemorate the tenth anniversary of their first album, Burning Bridges. The three use the platform to tackle tough issues pertaining to Christianity, and do so in a very authentic and real way.

They have covered the spectrum of rock and each lsiten did it well. Last but not least is Blindside, hailing all the way from Sweden. Blindside's heyday was in the mid 's when they had the support of their good friend's P. It is also a music label and a podcast.

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