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Safe Teething for Your Baby: Doctors say no to Orajel and Lidocaine

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Commercial cloth products using natural fabrics are also available, including organic cotton varieties. If a baby has orajfl eating solid foods, offering a chilled puree or yogurt as appropriate can offer relief. For an added bonus, refrigerate the spoon first. If Adlt child is old enough for a sippy cup, Aduot can also serve them cool water to ease the pain. The American Academy of Pediatrics AAP also suggests using clean fingers to gently massage gums, or using a chilled teething ring. The Bottom Line Teething pain should not require medical treatment. If your child is experiencing extreme pain or has a high fever, teething is probably not the cause and you should contact a medical professional.

And a final thing to keep in mind: Teething children may also stick other objects in their mouths in an effort to soothe their gums themselves, so watch out for potential choking hazards!

June 1, at Too bad he can't bbaby instead of the glass! June 4, at Both my sister and I have loved whiskey our entire lives - now i drink single malts. Drawn from pristine whiskey hot springs in Kentucky. Would you give a vodka to a 5-year old child? You're giving alcohol to an infant. Same difference, not to mention it's illegal.

Baby Adult orajel

Avult In addition, most kids who use alcohol oraajel an early age go on to become alcoholics. I am not making this up. Give the baby a frozen mini-bagel to chew. They're Adilt and the icy texture makes the swollen gums feel better. Plus, no chance they could form a craving for booze at an early age. June 3, at Why don't you just give them some opium? Even more all-natural, comes from a flower! In fact, if we are talking all natural cures, how about cyanide peach pits, apple seedsstrychnine comes from a treeanthrax comes from bacteria. To the person who wants to give babies honey, that is a leading cause of infant botulism, which causes paralysis and respiratory failure.

The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend honey under 1 year old for that reason.

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And rubbing it on a baby's gums isn't making them drink it. I personally didn't do it but I don't see anything wrong with it. June 7, at I had applied Anbesol to his gum because he was having teething pain. We had to rush him to emergency room at San Francisco General. The doctors took pictures of his skin and told us that they had never seen anything like this before.

The red blotches and blisters were an awful sight to look at on a baby's skin. Both my husband and I were crying and were told that our son may not live. He was in acute care for 3 days until he finally came out to a regular ward. They had to do a blood transfusion. My husband, myself, and 4 members of our family gave blood that matched his. We wrote to SmithKline Beecham, the company that made Anbesol about it. We were just thankful that SF General saved our son's life. I would have been furious. It is an amide anesthetic and Benzocaine is an ester anesthetic. Lidocaine is not usually used in teething gels.

The Full Story Teething gels and lotions with benzocaine should not be used on children under the age of two. Benzocaine is a medicine applied directly to children's gums to ease pain. Unfortunately, benzocaine also can affect red blood cells, lowering the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream. This rare condition, called methemoglobinemia, can be fatal. The Food and Drug Administration FDA warns parents not to use benzocaine for children under two years old, even if there is no warning on the label. Using even the labeled amounts on infants can cause serious illness. Children with methemoglobinemia may develop blue or gray skin and lips, have seizures, have trouble breathing, or stop breathing altogether.

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