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Sadly, she has retired from the porn industry few years ago. It SSexy not really matter if Anissa is from France or not course she isbut everything about this is just smells of elegance, high quality perfume and prestige. I do think that she deserves the best pornstar title of this year.

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She is a blond and looks more like the Swedish or some sort of pornstar from colder climate. I love the expression and her spirits for taking cock down her asshole, not backing down and just expressing her frustration with the situation. This dude got lucky to fuck her, this is probably the biggest cock she has seen too, so both of these individuals got something for their time. Now they invest into scenery, outfits, scenarios and other non-sense.

French teen Sexy

Her personality for some reason does make up for it and the porn scenes that she submits herself to does wonders to my erection. The only thing she needs to do now is use that hard-earned cash and put some implants. Fucking this pretty pornstar would be once in a lifetime thing and if the wine and cheap car is all that she requires, that I am the guy. Would not even care which one to fuck as long as I get some pussy, and French pussy to be exact. I am not sure which one she is as it could be all the sweat that made the hair look like this.

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