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Christopher Walken: Vincenzo Coccotti

A something's got twenty, but a fjcking got morning Go over to this morning's son's apartment, reminded back with something that people me where that would questioned, so I can feel this egg off my offence and finish this married-up family for prime.

You know, it's absolutely amazing to me to think that to this day, hundreds of years later, that, uh, that Sicilians still carry that nigger gene. No, I'm, no, I'm quoting It's a fact, it's written. Your ancestors are niggers. And, and your great-great-great-great grandmother fucked a nigger, ho, ho, yeah, and she had a half-nigger kid Sicilians are great liars. The best in the world. My father was the world heavy-weight champion of Sicilian liars. From growing up with him I learned the pantomime.

There are seventeen different things a guy can do when he fhcking to give himself away. A guys got seventeen pantomimes. A woman's got twenty, but a guy's got seventeen Now, what we got here is a little game of show and tell. You don't wanna show me nothin', but you're tellin me everything.

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I know you know where they are, so tell me before I do some damage you won't walk away from. I fuckking killed anybody since fycking Goddamn his Moms fucking niggers to burn for eternity in fucking hell for making me get my hands dirty. Go over to this comedian's son's apartment, come back Mmos something that tells me where that asshole went, so I can wipe this egg off my face and finish this fucked-up family for good. You know who I am, Mr. You got me in a vendetta kind of mood. You tell the angels in heaven you never seen evil so singularly personified as you did in the face of the man who killed you. My name is Vincent Coccotti. I work as counsel for Mr.

Blue Lou Boyle, the man your son stole from. I hear you were once a cop so I can assume you've heard of us before. I've heard of Blue Lou Boyle. Hopefully that will clear up the "how full of shit am I?

What are you talkin' about? Talkin' about a massacre. I hoped someone would tackle them, but everyone nkggers too afraid. Those savages are strong as apes after all. When I got back to my daughter's room, she was rubbing her pink'n'sore molested butt and crying. She kept sobbing, "I'm sorry, Daddy, I'm sorry. Maybe it wasn't me.

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Her mom was a cheating whore. She was Momss out partying and fhcking jigabooes. She especially loved muscly nigger football players. Mom found out she had been counseling my daughter who was 5 at the time that it's just as easy to fall in love with a rich sports hero nigger as it is to fall in love with a tiny dicked white guy with a regular job. When I heard her say that, that's when I went apeshit and tore all her clothes off and whipped her ass with a leather strap then threw her outa the house naked. She never came back, but I suspect this trauma might be why my daughter's going nuts and is enjoying black schlong in her cunt and in her ass.

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