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Consequently, the "size of the community of users defines the level of usefulness" and "the value of the system determines the number of users". However, in her research Vassileva has also found that "incentives are needed for the users in the beginning", particularly for motivating and getting users into the habit of staying online. User classification[ edit ] Users participating in P2P systems can be classified in different ways. According to Vassileva, users can be classified depending on their participation in the P2P system. There are five types of users to be found: In the second, the user provides the community with disk space "to store files for downloads" or with "computing resources" to facilitate a service provided by another users.

In the fourth, the user participates actively in the "protocol of the network", contributing to keeping the network together. In the last situation, the user does not contribute to the network, downloads what he or she needs but goes immediately offline once the service is not needed anymore, thus free-riding on the network and community resources. Lawsuits have been launched against individuals as well as programs such as Napster in order to "protect" copyright owners.

Researchers have examined potential security risks including the release of personal Tdens, bundled spywareand viruses downloaded from the network. Some open source file sharing packages have even provided integrated anti-virus scanning. The "names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers of about 2, of an investment firm's clients" were exposed, "including [those of] Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. Access to this information has the potential of being detrimental to US security.

In addition, the act would allow users to block and remove P2P file sharing software from their computers at any time, [53] with the Federal Trade Commission enforcing regulations. Many of the documents contained sensitive patient communications, treatment data, medical diagnoses and psychiatric evaluations. Legal aspects of file sharing The act of file sharing is not illegal per se and peer-to-peer networks are also used for legitimate purposes. The legal issues in file sharing involve violating the laws of copyrighted material. Most discussions about the legality of file sharing are implied to be about solely copyright material.

Many countries have fair use exceptions that permit limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders. Such documents include commentary, news reporting, research and scholarship.

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