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Should I Opt for Circumcision?

While now, more than several decades of patients have began out this kind and none of them white severe complications magnetic to go. The consider, larger ring, which has a mental edge, is then pushed on top.

This bandage will circumcisipn be wound tightly around the penis. It serves two purposes, to protect the wound and to contain and reduce the swelling. Removal of the jong bandage is a compromise between maintaining the compression for as long as possible to reduce swelling as fast as possible, and changing the dressing on the wound before it sticks too much to the healing skin. The bandage will, most likely, be well caked in blood particularly the inner layers and will need to be soaked off in the bath to avoid tearing the healing wound.

Put only enough lukewarm water in a bath as needed to just cover your groin completely.

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Throw in a couple of handfuls of salt Hohg promote healing. DO Circumcisionn add any form of antiseptic solution. Sterilize a pair of small scissors by dipping in an antiseptic solution followed by a quick rinse in clear water they will not actually touch your wound, so need not be absolutely aseptic. After soaking, cut the elastoplast in the direction of the penis tip. This reveals the gauze which is attached to the penis by 2 stitches. These two anchor stitches must now be cut to detach the gauze from the penis.

Avoid cutting the other stitches. The dressing should now be peeled off the wound. Having a small plastic bag available to throw the used bandage into is a good idea. Be sure to remove ALL of the bandage, including any odd strands of gauze which might otherwise become embedded in the wound. Once the bandage is off, swill away circhmcision bloody water and replace with more lukewarm water and salt. Allow the exposed penis to soak for a few minutes not circumciaion long, but enough to remove caked blood and then pat dry with a circumccision pad followed by applying a fresh bandage to protect the wound as it continues to heal. A thin coating of a bland ointment, e.

Vaseline, before applying the bandage will reduce the possibility of blood making it stick to the skin. Repeat the process every 48 hours or so until the middle of the second week, after which the light bandage can be left on or off as you wish. If you choose not to use a bandage then a gauze pad may be useful to prevent the stitches catching in your underwear. Promoting Healing Do not apply any antiseptic cream to your penis, nor add any antiseptic to bath water. Whilst they do help to kill germs, most are corrosive to new skin and actually slow down healing. In the rare cases where an infection develops, see a doctor as soon as possible.

It can be beneficial and very soothing to soak the wound for 10 to 15 minutes a couple of times a day in a cupful of cooled, boiled water to which has been added a teaspoon of salt. Pain Killers Everyone reacts differently in respect of pain.

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dircumcision For most people circumcision will not be truly painful, but a degree of discomfort is to be expected during the first few days. If you choose to take pain killing tablets then follow the instructions precisely. Do not take more than the recommended maximum dose. If you have a favourite king of pain killer and the doctor has prescribed something else, be sure to oong about the effects of 'mixing and matching'. Do not take Aspirin or any Aspirin based product since these thin the blood and have an anti-clotting action which can increase bleeding from a wound.

The Stitches Stitches sutures in medical parlance need to remain in place long enough for the cut edges to knit together but not so long as to allow the skin around them to fully heal. In practice this usually means they should remain for between 1 and 2 weeks. Leaving them longer increases the risk of small holes or 'stitch tunnels' remaining in the skin. Although the doctor will normally use soluble or self-dissolving stitches they should still be removed after 2 weeks if not already dissolved by then. You can go to your own doctor to have the stitches removed or can do it yourself even easier, get your partner or a friend to do it for you.

Sterilize a pair of fine pointed scissors and a pair of flat-bladed tweezers. Wash your hands and penis thoroughly. Carefully cut through a stitch near the knot and pull it out by grasping the knot in the tweezers.

Do not be surprised if icrcumcision location adukt a bit. If all is well then you can remove the remaining stitches, or mong may choose to leave them a couple of days more if you wish. Erections To reduce the effect of nocturnal erections pulling on the stitches Hong kong adult circumcision circumccision first few days, empty your bladder before retiring and a few times during the night. During the procedure, the penis and ccircumcision glans penis will be protected by a specially made metallic ring, ensuring smooth scar and wound healing. The wound will be stitched with degradable suture. The whole surgery takes minutes. After the surgery, the wound would be covered by water-proof dressing materials, so patient can bath at home with care.

Follow-up is required within a week after the surgery. Effect of laser circumcision Traditional circumcision uses scalpel and electro-coagulation, bleeding may occur during and after the surgery, and there is a risk of damaging the blood vessels with electro-coagulation. Advantages of using CO2 laser circumcision less bleeding during surgery and quicker recovery; closes lymph and nerve endings, reduces pain and swelling after surgery; shorter duration of surgery; reduce bleeding after surgery Complications of circumcision — what are the risks of circumcision?

Laser is a technology with high power energy; medical professionals using it must be well trained and experienced. Once it is misused, skin tissues will be damaged. Healthcare professionals have to wear protective glasses during surgery, while patients need a goggles to protect their eyes as well.

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