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You all have blessed us to no end. Our daughter will be 2 at Christmas. As an RN I appreciate the extensive doneers that you do to insure safety and success for the prospective families. Two weeks ago we gave birth to a healthy baby girl! Without your professionalism and dedication, our dreams of conceiving a baby may not have been possible. I am approaching my 40thbirthday and I want to make every month count.

Your staff promptly returns calls, follows through on commitments and are very professional. I am the Director for my company's Customer Support group. I know the challenges of providing excellent customer service. I believe your staff goes 'above and beyond. Each time I called I was promptly assisted, especially during those 'living month-to-month' times.

Sperm doners Austin

It is nice to know that your company exists and continues to help many women each day. We really wanted to get a sense of what our donor was like, what type of person he was. The staff impressions actually match what we view our son to be like, and it's wonderful Austin sperm doners get that information that we can give to him later. We have nothing but wonderful things to say about your organization and recommend anyone who asks us to visit your site because of the experience we had. Thank you so much for making it possible for us to have our wonderful son! Initially meet in public areas and take a third person along with you. What details do I need from the sperm donor?

It is imperative that you get identification from the donor such as a driving license or passport. It is advisable to use fertility clinics for treatment however if you choose not to, it is important to check that the donor has all the necessary health screening tests completed prior to any inseminations. How do I get pregnant using a sperm donor?

We only ever recommend using artificial insemination through a fertility clinic or home insemination to achieve pregnancy, provided health screening checks have been performed. We do not recommend that Austib recipients agree to natural insemination as it carries a greater risk of acquiring sexually transmitted dners. Also natural insemination gives the donor the automatic right as the legal father. It is not true that natural insemination is more successful than home insemination using fresh sperm. We recommend that if the donor has not had any previous children or they are over the age of 40 years, that they undertake a male sperm test such as our Fertilcount male fertility test, to ensure that they have an adequate sperm count.

If there is any uncertaintly in the test result, a sperm count test should ideally be performed through your doctor or fertility clinic. What health checks should the sperm donor have?

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