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Car Honolulu police photo vintage

Eric Yiu was indicted on six felony counts of making false statements on tax returns, and was arrested phto HPD professional standards detectives. Prior toofficers were issued the Smith and Wesson Model but have since been phased out due to the age of the pistol and limited availability of parts. Danny Quon, a Honolulu Police Lieutenant. Chan, inspired in part by the career of HPD vice detective Chang Apanawas created in the s by Earl Derr Biggers and had become one of the most important figures in American mystery fiction.

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Officers must qualify with these supplemental weapons to carry or use them. Officers can purchase supplemental weapons from an approved list and utilize them as backup weapons or off-duty carryAR rifles, and shotguns. Yiu has been with HPD for 29 years and is a veteran detective who investigated financial crimes. Although most Officers carry their own personal long guns while on duty, respective stations throughout the island have a small arsenal of AR rifles and less than lethal shotguns in the event they are needed.

Duty weapons[ edit ] The standard issue firearm for Honolulu Police officers is the Glock

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