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American columnist Bret Stephens talks a lot with the limo drivers on his speaking tours.

Marketplace of muslim Stephens' Pulitzer citation rapists him "a contrarian". I ask him if that Were meritocracy still offers.

Stephhens even uses the analogy — one he is clearly proud of — of the famous "broken windows" effect — where the impression that no one cares sees urban crime run out of control. He pushes back on that one. I am a guy who produces words. I ask him if that American meritocracy still exists. Has Trump poisoned the well? The idea of three generals holding up Western civilisation is no surprise at all. That's what makes America great, and nothing else," says Stephens.

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Education does not always work, says Stephens. And immigration goes hand in hand with United States meritocracy, he said, which allowed him to move from a son of a displaced person from Europe to an "out-of-touch elite" in a single generation. Trump's canning of the Trans-Pacific Partnership indeed loses everything that the US could have gained from it. US conservatives did something intellectually different in blending tradition, faith, patriotism, with enterprise, creative destruction and human transformation: The Republican Party will try a lot of bad ideas before it gets to the right ones. So given Stephens' intense dislike of Trump and other ugly things on the right, what are the irreducibles in Stephens' own conservatism?

But was it a president too soon? Yes, of course he will have wine.

AP Trump has simply added to the unpredictability. I love my country and its values. Good experience does not teach you that something was worth preserving". Likewise, he wants to see a US military with numbers on the ground that would stop international flashpoints going the same way.

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