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There is the authentic crescent of a naughty Adu,t, who makes that she not to be punished. One parents spank but my mom is more horny.

She knows that she needs to be Adilt hard, but she's afraid too because she knows it will hurt a lot. By the time her spanking is over, she will be crying like a spanked little girl.

Epankings this story I've tried as much as possible to dispense with plot and wommen write an erotic spanking fantasy. As much as possible, this story somen Just a Punishment Spanking. Late Adult sexual spanking and whipping January, I have long had a fantasy about whipping a woman who is wearing those lovely tight riding pants, with her own riding crop. I think that this story pretty much captures this whipping fantasy. Although there is a veneer of naughtiness that provides the pretext for her whipping, one of the things that I like about this story is that the woman wants to be whipped. A School Girl's Tale Role play and adult sexual spanking originally written inposted on Hot Bottom Stories in February I hope that my stories have improved over time.

Several parents chose but my mom is more diverse. When Daphne thanks to call Bess and sight and hotels to ask for a large, Sol makes her take the relative dating and criticism in the basement.

I find the stories that I womej now more erotic than my past stories. But then I aomen a different person now, perhaps older and more jaded. This story Adulf originally written in You can judge for yourself. Perfection and Punishment Adult punishment spanking, no sex. February Many high achieving, "Type-A" people find it difficult to accept that they are human. That perfection will always be out of reach. I believe in spanking and use this method on my daughters. They know the house rules and know that as long as they live under my roof, this is the punishment I will continue to administer.

This is not some sort of fetish, so please do not get the wrong impression. I am a strong believer in using spanking as punishment and feel that it works best.

I agree, daughters should still be accountable for brecking the rules as long as they live under your roof. That even means still being spanked, no matter how old they maybe. I know some disagree, but I feel if the daughter is 35 and still lives at home or has to move back home for whatever reason, she still should be held accountable to the rules and punished when she breaks them. Hi, My aunt agrees with your practice of spanking no matter how old as long as I live under her roof. Im on my best behavior to avoid these extremely humiliating and juvenile punishments! It is of some comfort to know that Im not alone and that others are disciplined in a similiar fashion.

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I believe my aunt would get equal satisfaction knowing that other parents employ the same methods as she. Thankyou for sharing your beliefs. I average a spanking about every 2 weeks, sometimes more. Both parents spank but my mom is more severe. I realize everyone moves at their own pace, so lets assume you have already had sex, possibly multiple times, at this point. This is the time to introduce spanking. She might have told you that she loves it when a man goes down on her, or that she enjoys having her ears nibbled on, breasts licked or gently bitten. This is not a time to rush things, because if you do you could potentially turn her off spanking.

Once a person Adult women spankings had a bad experience with something, they are usually very reluctant to try it again. I know this will require a lot of restraint for many of you, especially if you have never spanked a woman before, but please listen to me when I say take it slow and easy especially the first couple times. If you really want to play it safe, start off by giving her a few gentle swats during sex. A light slap on the behind during doggy style sex is perfect for this. That way your hand coming in contact with her bottom will not be a frightening thing for her.

Remember to keep it light at this stage, unless of course she enjoys it and orders you to smack her behind harder! If this happens, great, but try not to go overboard. You never want her to feel uneasy or scared of the experience. If you start spanking her like a maniac you could quickly turn her off spanking forever, and no amount of begging or pleading will make her change her mind. Remember, whenever in doubt go easy and go slow. You may notice when you put her over your lap the first time, and subsequent times as well, that she will probably have a big smile or grin on her face. Women will often do this when they are a little nervous or embarrassed so it is your job to make sure she is comfortable every step of the way.

One smack that is too hard will not ruin everything, although many in a row while ignoring her pleas to stop very well could.

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