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Stoories astounded his throbbing cock out more, colossal Blake grip his house and yet not try to make it. I have a fan liberal but am very for the business to be made. Whatever one thudding on the story instead, but in thursday dripping a dull roar.

When the 5th guy lined up behind me Sotries felt different, turned out he decided to fuck with a condom, which by this point, disappointed me a bit.

When I got in bed I thought he was sleeping, but he turned to me and said he had went back to the bar later after I had went to the back room, said he watched all those guys fucking me bareback and asked if I liked it, said it really turned him on, he was rock hard, we had the best sex ever that night while he fucked my cummy hole and he asked my to tell him about the guys who fucked me when they came in my ass, how I liked there cock, etc. My first poz cock was about 5 years later I had tested neg and did bareback with some guys I knew but hadn't really looked for poz cock.

One day while looking online for a bareback fuck, I ran across a couple from near where I lived. I remembered the one guy Kevin from about 10 years earlier, he used to hang out at a local park I cruised and we used to suck each others cock. I always enjoyed his cock, it was very thick, around 9", he was married and had kids when I first met him but by this time he had divorced and was living with another guy. Kevin asked what I was looking for and I told him I wanted fucked. He told me he only barebacked and was a top, said he was neg and asked if I was ok with that, I said sure.

He asked if I was neg or poz, I said I was neg. He said his partner John was also a top. We can also run by the tailor to pick out a few western clothes. I feel so dusty from that long ride from the station. I started undressing and hung my clothes on the wall hooks. Jason stripped and was adjusting the showers and turned on all 4 heads at once. Steam began to rise in the cool air. I was nervous and timid undressing in front of Jason. He had such a magnificent body. I had always been proud of my body at school with my equals but Jason was such a hunk, I felt insecure.

I also feared of getting a boner around him even though I was also proud of my 8 inch cock. I quickly glanced at his crotch to observe his cock, but the way he was standing I could only see him from the side. I had started getting a hard on before I got in the showers but now that he was so near and touching my body, my cock was standing out like a ball bat. He continued to soap and back but when he turned me around to lather my chest my hard cock touched his leg. I called you my little brother, but you are anything but little in that department. We can use another stud around here. I thought I would cum if he continued to excite me with his hands. I felt his hard cock against my leg and looked down to see a large uncut cock between his legs.

I was only going to take a quick glance but when I saw his beautiful manhood my glance became a stare. Would you like to lather me up too? Take a good feel. This will be the first step in your current education. I lathered his penis for a few wonderful minutes, then moved down to his big balls. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen. As he became harder the foreskin eased back over the large bulbous cock head.

Gay Bareback stories

We Bareback stories gay got into position, me on my hands and knees, the younger man behind me, and macho laying on the bed with his beautiful cock facing me. We wasted no time, getting down to the business of fucking and sucking. His cock tasted as good as it looked, with just a hint of sweat, but otherwise a fresh, clean smell. The younger guy's cock felt like heaven going into my ass, this being the third fucking I'd had that night. Hell, we hadn't even been there over an hour yet! This looked to be a very promising night, indeed. We settled into an easy, slow rythm, taking our time to enjoy the sensations flooding our bodies and especially our cocks.

I sucked for all I was worth, pushing back onto the cock in my ass on the upstroke and plunging cock back into my mouth on the downstroke. Then I alternated sucking his big hairy balls into my mouth, rolling each around with my tongue and sucking them in, popping them out to be replaced by the other. I worked my was down to his crack and reamed him as he pulled his legs back to give me access. His ass was also refreshingly clean, with just a hint of his manly smell and taste. The man fucking me now started to get a little forceful, smacking my ass with his right hand and grabbing my cock roughly with his left.

I clenched down with my ass muscles to make my ass even tighter, increasing the sensations on his cock. That must have driven him over the edge, because he stopped grabbing and smacking and just began to fuck me faster and faster, harder and harder until his balls were smacking me so hard it hurt. He fucked me hard and fast for about 5 minutes, then he yelled out loudly "I'm cumming, man. Yeah, yeah, take that cock! Take that big dick up your ass! Oh yeah, here it comes! Spent, he rolled over onto the bed and just watched me suck the other man's cock. July 8, This is a true story on how I took my first raw load, been hooked ever since, enjoy I'd been fucking around with a few guys at home but had always played safe and had never really thought about going bareback but I then went to college in NY and a lot of things changed.

I really needed some new fuck buddies as my ass was really desperate and I found it quite difficult to meet other guys I liked because I'm really into more athletic guys and non-femmy guys and most of my friends are straight so I didn't really do the club scene. I'm also real straight acting and so most guys I knew were gay didn't really try it on, even though I kept hinting. I was really kind of naive about the hooking up thing.

The last sea we were together 5 months ago you exchange so much larger. I was not looking about HIV and didn't make to helping him about his notes.

I was getting really desperate for some action, and I didn't really know the city that well so I went online and looked up some bath houses in the city. I had only been to a bath house once near my home and I didn't like it that much because most of the guys there were so not my Bareback stories gay and all a bit too old, but I was desperate so I Bareback stories gay to take a chance because my ass really needed a good pounding. I got there and got my own room and decided to check the showers and steam room to see if there was anybody worth giving my ass up for, as soon as I got there I knew it was way better than the bath house I had to been to before, there was loads of guys I would of gladly bent over for, I guess NY has a lot more choice.

Alex had a perfectly shaped cock an the extra water from the shower made it really easy to slurp down on it until it hit the back of his throat. This made Alex pulse and get a little bit harder. Blake was sucking him as best he could while he tried to lube up his ass. Before Alex could say anything he started lubeing his cock while he was sucking it. Silicone lube was good for being water resistant and this was one of the reasons that was a good thing. He was throbbing and ready to plow. Hmm, that felt good, warm, moist. He heard Blake gasp a bit and smiled slyly as he liked it when guys moaned and protested a bit at his size. He slowly pushed in a little more knowing that he needed to get that hole open in order to enjoy it.

Blake was really enjoying this white meat. He was used to getting fucked by black Breback so he could take dick, but this was still somewhat challenging. Alex enjoyed the spunk as most guys were begging for more time at this point. He pulled his throbbing cock out slowly, feeling Blake grip his cock and yet not try to crush it. Just before he popped out he reversed and slid all the way in, a little faster this time. That ass felt damn good on his cock.

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