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Which Forms of Birth Control Are Safe to Use While Breastfeeding?

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In fact, some studies have suggested a good effect on the quantity and quality of breast milk. When the woman stops breastfeeding the baby, or when menses returns, some clinicians suggest switching to combination OCs, which have a slightly higher effectiveness. Combination oral contraceptives, or "The Pill," contain both estrogen and progestin. The American Academy of Pediatrics has approved the use of low-dose OCs in breastfeeding women once milk production is well established. The Mirena IUD releases a very small amount of hormone into the uterus, where it works locally.

This IUD does not affect the quality and quantity of breast milk. The Mirena IUD is safe and effective for five years. There is a smaller, lower dose version of the Mirena IUD, called Skyla, and is effective for three years. Skyla is often a better choice for women who have never had a baby. See Increasing Low Milk Supply for additional info on increasing milk supply. The morning after pill is considered compatible with breastfeeding, but should only be used rarely.

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Cotnrol the first choice for routine birth control, it should be used only as a last resort whether breastfeeding or not. Both progestin and estrogen are considered compatible with breastfeeding by the AAP. Side effects related to lactation Nilk supply: Makers says it's Instead, the copper in it creates inflammation that prevents sperm from fertilizing the milm. A birth control pulls Implanon or Nexplanon is often the choice for women who like the reliability and ease of an IUD, but don't like having a device in their uterus. There's a small risk of an IUD entering the pelvis and causing problems, Dr. The implant is a tiny flexible rod that's inserted under the skin of the upper arm.

It contains progestin, the same hormone that an IUD has, and prevents pregnancy in a similar way. It's also a little less error-proof. That's because the minipill needs to be taken at the same time, within three hours, every day, to be effective, but that might be challenging for a busy new mom to keep up with daily. If you're concerned that you might want to change your mind, note that these methods are easily reversible. So if you decide to have another baby, you can have the IUD or implant removed or you can stop taking pills.

Within a month contro two you can start trying to conceive, Dr. Depo-Provera Shots Depo is a birth sulply shot preferred by women who seek a method that is regular and easy. Barrier contraceptives do not contain any hormones so do not affect a woman's milk supply or her ability to breast-feed. Doctors usually advise women to wait until their first postpartum check before inserting anything into their vagina. This is because there is a higher risk of infection until the cervix has closed and any tears have healed.

Milk supply pills Breast & birth control

Also, many women find that they need to be resized for a new diaphragm or cervical cap, due to the cervical and vaginal changes that occurred during pregnancy, delivery, and recovery. Copper IUDs are a highly effective form of birth control that do not have any effect on the milk supply. The IUD is a small coil that is, in this case, wrapped in a small amount of copper. This is not a good choice for women who have always had irregular periods. Also, your cycle may be somewhat unpredictable while breastfeeding. For this reason, you may want to consider using a backup method, like condoms, a cervical cap, or a diaphragm.

Some women choose to have this procedure completed after vaginal childbirth or during a cesarean section. The risks with this procedure are the same as for any other major abdominal surgery, including reaction to anesthesia, infection, and pelvic or abdominal pain. Your doctor or a lactation consultant is your best resource for determining when you can safely return to nursing after surgery and taking medications, like painkillers. Nonsurgical sterilization is also possible, although it may take up to three months to be effective.

Tubal ligation is effective immediately. Although reversing tubal ligation oills be possible, the odds are very low. What about the morning-after pill? This pill should only be used as a last resort and not as a regular form of birth control.

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