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Queer you have other fans to do the same at adult shows. That was also accused.

We would have let him do it for the whole set, but I think he eventually became insecure.

Then it kind of turns a corner a little bit halfway through and becomes a little bit darker. Definitely the first half of it. I don't know, I don't really want to talk about it, you know. Yes, it's a bit deceiving, but at least the band, now mostly a solo project for Kevin Barnes, hails from a place that, you know, is not too far from Canada.

What's the dirtiest thing you've seen a fan do at one of your texts. Occasionally the first then of it.

I think that I'd like to do something that's really schizophrenic, that's all over the place but also has recurring themes. Named after the dissolution of Barnes' relationship with a woman from Montreal, the band, touring behind their newest album, "The Sunlandic Twins," has found a larger audience than ever, playing to bigger and, apparently, more exhibitionistic crowds. You're thinking of songs right now? Well, lately, it's not really so much I have a lot of songs already written and I'm sort of developing the album in my head. So, will I be able to listen to your next CD and hear clips of my own voice in it? What's something you think people might misunderstand about you or your music?

Any thoughts on what you'd like to do for the next album? What's the strangest thing you've seen a fan do at one of your shows? This is a rock and roll interview, and you're not Barbara Walters. I think so, yeah.

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He danced around stage for a little bit and then ran away. Of Montreal is not from Montreal. We played a show in Iowa, and this guy jumped on stage wearing nothing but a toolbelt. Or that might be cool.

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