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She also was terrified. I felt sick to my stomach. After she got off the phone with Banks, Exon felt she had to act fast. That night, she and a friend would pack their children into a van and drive about miles northwest, to a baby-blue cinderblock house that the Easons rented in Danville, Illinois.

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They can bypass some of the most basic but time-consuming government safeguards meant to protect children. To legally take custody of a metan through the U. After placement, mdgan workers visit the family regularly to ensure the child is safe. In many private re-homings, none of that happens. The online bulletin boards have emerged as a do-it-yourself way for parents to Amateeur end adoptions. The groups not only attract parents but also appeal to do-gooders like Exon who delight in the chance to help find needy children better homes. On one bulletin board, Adopting-from-Disruption, Reuters found dozens of advertisements for children that appear to be posted by middlemen.

Few were licensed child welfare workers. Some had taken in or re-homed children themselves. Yahoo took down the group after Reuters told it what was going on there. The company also took down five other groups that Reuters brought to its attention. One relatively new re-homing group is a Facebook page called Way Stations of Love. It was founded last year by Tim Stowell, a year-old father of four adopted children who works at a Tennessee boarding school for boys. He says he also keeps a private list of people willing to take in children from failed adoptions. But like most go-betweens, Stowell says he leaves the vetting of prospective parents to families offering a child.

In some cases, he says, parents meet on the site and exchange private emails to arrange custody transfers. In some form, 29 U. In many of those states, those helping to arrange an adoption must be licensed to do so. In Tennessee, no law prevents Stowell from advertising children for adoption, or from helping parents find available children. The group has been helping match children with new parents for almost a decade. It has no state license or contract.

Most of the children listed by the group for re-homing come from failed international adoptions, and a disclaimer on its website reads: After Reuters inquired more recently about the organization, a spokesman with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare said late last month that the state attorney general began a review. Moderators review prospective members and are often the first to see ads for unwanted children. She had helped run summer camps and afterschool programs while working for a school board in Florida. Moderating the group seemed like another opportunity to serve. InExon came across Nicole Eason for the first time. Nicole explained that she and her husband had taken in children through the U.

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