Thick white waxy vaginal discharge

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Thick White Discharge: What It Means

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If you remove your pubic hair you may more discharge on your underwear because there is no hair to trap it and there can be more friction on the vulvar skin without hair. Remember, discharge in underwear is both vaginal and vulvar in origin. A lot of doctors admittedly do a bad job with vaginitis. Others were improperly trained in looking at discharge under the microscope.

Waxy vaginal discharge Thick white

Vaginitis can also be complicated. Women can have yeast and it not be the cause of their symptoms, just like people can have an abnormal MRI and have no back pain. If the treatment takes away the yeast but not the symptoms then the yeast was not the cause. The discharge can help clear away bacteria, germs, and dirt. It also helps form a mucus plug in the cervix.

This keeps the cervix healthy and prevents the spread of bacteria into the uterus during the pregnancy. However, if the color of the Thicck develops a white-gray shade and a strong fishy odor, the discharge may be a sign of an infection. Common symptoms of bacterial vaginosis include milky white and gray discharge with a strong, bad odor. What causes thick, white, clumpy discharge? Your vagina does a wonderful job of maintaining the pH balance of an entire spectrum of bacteria and fungi that live in it. From time to time, this balance is upset, and certain bad bacteria or fungi are allowed to thrive.

A fungus called Candida albicans can quickly blossom and develop into an infection.

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People with yeast infections may experience: Prescription medications are used in more moderate or severe cases. The vagina is working overtime, making liquid Thlck keep the cervix moist, sealed, wzxy healthy. But if your discharge is a weird color, smells bad, or makes your vagina itchy or irritated, see your doctor or midwife. You could have an infection. If you experience discharge during late pregnancy that looks like boogers, you might be losing your mucus plug. Sometimes it comes out in one blob, but often it comes out in bits and pieces. Other symptoms include itching, redness, and soreness in the vaginal region; some women also experience pain during intercourse and burning when they urinate.

Consult your doctor about prescription or hTick vaginal creams or suppositories and, if deemed necessary, to rule out bacterial vaginosis or a sexually transmitted disease. You can also take a stand against yeast by dialing down the sugar content of your diet yeast love sugar and making sure you change your underwear frequently. Bacterial Vaginosis BV Bacterial vaginosisan infection caused by an imbalance in the bacteria normally found in the vagina. The discharge is most noticeable after sex, and itching or burning may accompany it. Left untreated, it can cause pregnancy complications. If you suspect bacterial vaginosis, see your doctor right away. Prescription medications can clear up symptoms without endangering the fetus and decrease the likelihood of preterm labor.

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