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But you've never met her. The man prefers a consequence wally his hotel and the best is exposed. She wowed me a skilled and said I launched with everybody to get driving parts.

I remember when she had dinner with Martin Luther King. Kir,land was saying Seexy she invited Sdxy to pbotos with herself and Martin Luther King and his wife, Corrinne, and that was sort of symptomatic and symbolic of my life with Shelley, that I kind phohos met everybody in Hollywood through her and all I had to do was to be her trusty assistant. And somewhere in the 70s, we decided that I was her goddaughter and she kirklwnd my godmother and I'm happy to say that-- Ron Russell: That is so sweet.

In her later years, Kigkland became her caretaker, right up until she died. And I produced her memorial. Shelley Winters in her younger years Ron Russell: Kirklans went to the hospice to sslly her, actually, the day before she died. And she was very frail and I was upset because Ladd-- what's ;hotos name? Diane Ladd sent her a Christmas tree. And every Christmas ball had on it one of Shelley's movies. Well, when Diane walked in, she Sxey, "We're Jewish. Get that out of here. Shelley was very upset. Shelley told me she never wanted to be buried, she wanted to be cremated, and her daughter went ahead and buried her.

So nothing that Shelley wanted, her daughter did. Now, when we were having our grieving period for Shelley, the daughter didn't want any of us to attend. No one from Hollywood was allowed. So I just wanted to put that in about her daughter. I remember being asleep one morning and I picked up the phone and it was-- oh, James Bond, Sean Connery. Sean Connery, oh yeah. She loved-- ohhh [laughter]! And he was telling me he couldn't make the memorial but he wanted to talk about Shelley. And I was blown away, being woken by Sean Connery's voice on the phone.

And he loved her. Oh, yeah, he certainly did. So, there you go, Sean Connery! I just got chills when you said that. Yeah, well, she didn't think anything of telling all the gay guys how hung they were and how sexy they were. Now, her ex-husband, I knew. And he was a sweetie pie. But he didn't have anything bad to say about her, but he didn't have anything good to say about her. So he was a nice fellow. I liked him a lot. Did you know him well? I never met Victorio her first husband. But she had this boyfriend Jerry and right before she died she wanted me to marry the two of them.

So I did in the hospital room and-- Ron Russell: Actually, he really wasn't her boyfriend. He was a good friend. Yeah, but he was really just her friend, her really good friend. She could have left him more but he's a sweetheart. I loved her that way. Yeah, Shelley was my everything. She was my mentor. She taught me everything and mostly-- I'm going on my 58th year of acting and she taught me how to do that, how to endure and, like I said, be independent. A tough broad from Brooklyn Ron Russell: Oh, she was quite a broad from Brooklyn. So the two of us were tough. Shelley Winters gave me Marilyn Monroe's fuck me shoes which were open toe, open back, green silk oriental shoes which I wore until they turn into dust.

Shelley and I would curse each other out.

So it was designed website. Shelley Covers Ron Russell:.

We had little love fights. I would tell her she's crazy, she'd tell me to shut up. Stuff like that which never upset me. You know Shelley how she was. I loved kirklans much. I really did love Shelley Winters. So how did you find working for her? Well, I got balled out a lot but that came with the territory. She got me into the actor's studio when I was very young. I brought Robert Deniro to meet her and then he-- and then she got him in the film Bloody Mama which was his saoly Hollywood film. And he and I dated for a while and we'd hang out with Shelley and it was a great time in theatrical history, the 60's kirklanf the Actor's Studio and Photo Pacino was there and Deniro and Dustin Hoffman.

And of the women, Brenda Vaccaro was there and Jill Clayburg and kikland. Well, Marilyn Monroe was a little earlier than me at the studio. I mean, she died in, what, Ron Russell: So I didn't-- I missed her. She was around Marlon- She was around kirklland the Marlon Brando days. And my mother being with Life and the senior editor put her on the cover of Life a lot and put her on the pages of Life and then Shelley being her roommate told me many stories and gave me her-- I don't know if I'm allowed to swear in this interview. Did you ever hear that story? Yeah, well, it's a long one so I can't but everybody-- Sally Kirkland: I think she put it in her book.

But Shelley Winters was roommates with Marilyn Monroe and they used to go out with any men they could just for dinner and then call it steak and rape because the guys would give them steak and have sex with them. Marilyn and Shelley were great friends, she did say Marilyn was a slob, clothes all over the place but Shelley was no better. They had a lot of fun together and Shelly really liked Marilyn. I was best friends with Jane Russellhave you ever met her? Yeah, she was great to me. I really liked her. She's no bullshit, no "Let's do lunch, darling", she hated phoneys, she was a weirdo, she was not normal sometimes, but wonderful. I loved her to pieces. She's the sweetest thing in the world to me.

That's nice that you met her, that makes me feel good. I'm sure she liked you. Now, you went away. Tell me where you went and what you did. When I went away? When I went to Los Angeles? No, you just got back from India or something or am I--? Yeah, I was just in Bangkok, Thailand doing the female lead in a film called Invincible. It's an action film with a romantic story, and it was extraordinary. The Thai people, they bow down to each other and smile. I've never seen such friendly people. So was it nice filming there, easy filming or different from Hollywood?

It was different from Hollywood for sure. It was an all-Thai crew. The director, Daniels, he really liked me and he kept writing new scenes for me, it was great. I had a blast. It was challenging being in a plane for 19 hours or rather 12 hours, then 2 hours in Tokyo, and then 6 hours from Tokyo to Bangkok. I read that and I felt sorry for you. No, it was great.

I was flying once across country many years ago with Rita Hayworth and I was bitching then. We were all standing up gabbing and Rita Hayworth, of course, was knocking them back, so she was a bit loaded. And I said, "I cannot stand this flight. It's like five and a half hours of torture. What do you think that was, a joy ride? She had quite a great sense of humor, Rita Hayworth. This was when she was an older woman, of course. Have you ever met Rita Hayworth? No, but I worshipped her in the film Salome. I just fell in love with Sexy sally kirkland photos as Salome, the movie. But you've never met her? No, I don't think so. I remember being on Howard Stern at one point and taking my top off when he agreed to take his clothes off.

No one believed me because it was the radio. But he did take his clothes off. So I thought that was a stellar moment. She lived across the street. I lived on South Spalding Drive and she lived in the penthouse floor in the building across from me. And I remember the night when the paramedics came and took her away. It was a sad thing. Yeah, I was very sad. Did she live alone? Yeah, she lived alone. I think maybe her daughter was coming in and out. I just found out-- now, I love and adore my Stella Stevens. I mean, Stella is one of the sweetest, nicest, most humane people I've ever met in my life.

And now you said to me she's in assisted living. Is that here in Palm Springs? No, it's here in Los Angeles. I can't remember the name of it. When you can, message it to me. I must go see her. Do you know Stella well? Yeah, we did a couple of movies together. And her son, Andrew Stevens, starred with me in the film-- what was it called? Oh well, that film. He said, "Grace Kelly was every bit a lady," he said, "but yet she'd go to bed with the gas station attendant if he was sexy Ron Russell: Are you with everybody? Every time I read you on Facebook, it's another celebrity that you're friends with. You really and truly know Hollywood better than most people do. Yeah, I've been very blessed.

And before Hollywood, in New York, my mother introduced me to everybody. Oh, I'm going to kill you. I'm going to kill you. You met Audrey Hepburn? He knew nothing about my off-Broadway career and I would be dressed as a yogi because I was a yoga teacher at that point. I was teaching full time at the Integral Yoga Institute. The guy whose mansion I was in, Steve Powers, he would invite all these Playboy Bunnies over and there I would be in my white pajamas. Then one day he went to play tennis with Kirk Kerkorian and I think he led me to believe he was leaving town for a few days.

Sally ready to practice yoga I all the time had Bobby De Niro and Roger Corman playing tennis on the tennis courts when I had the house to myself. The house is yours. Steve Powers came home, absolutely furious.

Fired me on the spot. She wanted you to support her. Susan Tyrrell took me in. She took me in in New York too when I had my nervous breakdown and she just passed over like six months ago. But Susan Tyrell took me in. We lived in Laurel Canyon. David Carradine was up the street. Actually, your role in Private Benjamin was significant between that period of Coming Apart and Anna. Yes, I played a lesbian. No one has ever said that to me.

Sally photos Sexy kirkland

I remember that no one wanted to play that part in New York. They had a hard time casting it. A good actor will do anything, almost anything. I also played a lesbian in The Nanny with Fran Drescher, and I in theory had a year relationship with a woman. CBS cut out all the lines. That was before Ellen came out. So I have over the years, I did a short that won a lot of awards called Audit. Judy Greer and I had a kissing scene in the bathroom. Oh, Judy Greer, most recently from The Descendents. So I was like an older woman coming on with this young girl in the bathroom. It was pretty outrageous.

Before we get to Anna, I want to discuss that you have been Sexy sally kirkland photos acting teacher. How did you become an acting teacher? My spiritual teacher, John Roger. Or chose teaching acting, teaching yoga for money. Love teaching acting, and what I did for many years at the Strasberg Institute, I taught film acting, so there would always be a Sexy sally kirkland photos, and they would learn right away by seeing themselves on tape of what they were doing wrong, what they were doing right. They would show up with their tape and leave with their tape.

I did that for many years. I did it in 15 cities in this country, Australia, England, France, and Hawaii. Then when I got Anna, everything changed. I acted pretty nonstop untilI think. I understand one of your famous students is Sandra Bullock. Sandy was like 22, 23 when I taught her. Sandy listened to a lot of what I said. I picked out her Sexy sally kirkland photos, resume, I got her an agent, did a showcase where she was picked up for her first or maybe second — I think it was her first movie. Amy Madigan, Rebecca De Mornay. You mention John Roger, your spiritual teacher, encouraging you to start teach acting. He also encouraged you to be a minister. You can get pulled into this very delusional world.

Out of God comes all creation. No soul was lost. John Roger has been an extraordinary guide to me all these years. I take him to the Oscars every year. That can be writing, writing a screenplay, making your own movies. Get a little camera and make your own short, make your own. But waiting for the telephone to ring is death. Depending on agents can be death, too. Sally as Anna SK: I gave him a bottle of wine and had him read my lines. Then I copied his Czech accent. That was sort of the beginning of the Anna period. My whole life changed. They knew their stuff. So my campaign was almost all black and white ads. They were rarely full pages. But I got so many great quotes from everyone from the critics to Norman Mailer.

So that caused some commotion. So they had the cover but then Cher won. So I was on the French cover of Rolling Stone but the page article, which I no longer have, was intact. So I voted for you. So it was a huge breakthrough to have him pose with me, endorse me. Shelley Winters, Lainie Kazan, all my friends. I think that between Shelley and I we made — you could not send out tapes then. That was the year before they allowed you to send out tapes. We made about phone calls. So a lot of people they wanted the underdog to win because everyone else had a lot of money in their campaigns. You mean in other words, I had a disappointed look?

Someone asked you about that in an interview. I think what I meant by that was I was heartbroken. If I had won the Oscar, I probably would have had some pretty damn good scripts offered to me. I thought I was going to win. It was because my publicist convinced me of that. I think in the next years, you will definitely see me winning a supporting Oscar. That was when I had my tits, excuse the expression and I just had to show them off. It was my little fantasy that I was living out. I wish I worked out more but that will come in its time.

Sally in a red dress riding to the Oscars JC: You charted a much different path after Anna. In your next film, High Stakes, you played a prostitute and stripper. Well, I just — I get bored easily by actors who play themselves, and I think a really great actor is a character actor and likes to surprise him or herself every time at bat. A lot of young actors nowadays in Hollywood are made famous so quickly that they sort of get stuck being themselves a lot without doing theater training and playing around with all different characters. Another reason is my Scorpio sign, which is intense to the extreme, and the other is my Gemini rising sign because you know — well, Marilyn was a Gemini.

Bob Dylan is a Gemini, I like to identify with them. So when I heard I was going to play a stripper in a film called High Stakes I had these implants put in, and that ended up being a tragedy because I almost died from them. Having been the first actress to do nudity on stage, you were already very comfortable with your body. Why did you feel you had to get implants? I was losing a lot of roles. Hollywood was very different than New York. I just had tiny little things holding them up. Now we come to Cold Feet.

That was the picture that got me to pay attention to you. I stared at the poster of you in that skin-tight dress for a long time. Well, it was that Annie Leibovitz photo, I will confess, I stared at many times. Well you see I always wanted to be Marilyn. I told you that story. So I was told that he was fine and I wanted to act with him. It was really an amazing experience and we were all in Montana and Arizona and whatnot. I wanted to show people that I was funny because Anna was so dramatic. Of course I had to learn a little bit of tai-kwon-do and make it look real. But I was a yoga teacher so I could come close. My audition consisted of standing on my head and doing a backbend I think because they had already seen my movies.

Right after that, you went on to Revenge. I was supposed to be there at 2: So I showed up at five minutes after 2: I love that moment. I love Field of Dreams. I love when you did this. So he definitely pulled for me to get that. I had a blast with them in Mexico. I mean a lot of people really loved the film Revenge and it is so dark and it is so edgy. I was just heartbroken when Tony killed himself. Tony also let me improvise. Sally in Revenge JC: Well, I think in Revenge we get to see many sides of your acting talent. Did you see the scene where I tear up?

That kind of explains Sally Kirkland there. You also worked with another director who recently passed away: He directed you in Bullseye! He was about the most eccentric person I ever worked with. Kirkland from you, Michael. Michael Winner was somewhat of a misogynist. Great director, but very used to working with men. So Michael Caine played my protector all through that film. He really did, from beginning to end of that experience. I mean I never really knew a misogynist well until I met Michael Winner, but he was a misogynist. Her name was Jenny Seagrove. She was a well-known British actor. But then after Revenge and Bullseye! Hit in the face, kicked him out of the apartment, et cetera.

I did a lot of research. I went to Pennsylvania where the haunted house was, all the townspeople and really studied the woman who wrote the book. I love In the Heat of Passion. If people come down on me for it then they might look at their own issues. In the Heat of Passion. So it was a payback. Jeremy Renner was discovered by Valerie McCaffrey. You could tell in two seconds he was going to be a major star but here he was working for free as a payback to Valerie who had discovered him. So sometimes you do that. So to get paid well by Roger was really something.

So it was easy to do all this erotic stuff because we would just laugh about it. Because I mean I was attracted to him but I was also best friends with him. So that would have been a harder film to do.

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