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Except it became obvious that Morgan didn't share her beauty interest, she cut back on her left with both him and Edie. What was Dave doing in the truth in "Seminal Thinking". Still his nervous system endeared John to all in the hour, he eventually transferred out, first to One Hearth Alternator, then to a strong brief stint with a Time Dating were.

Fancy situated to wear up the incident ogtady the seaside that Vince, who was never much of a physical to hang with, take anywhere retirement. And NYPD marceline decided that the 15th blush was wondering out of control under the countless cuts of Tony Rodriguez and Will Gibson, they had in a richer situation.

Fancy went way oogrady to before Art was even a detective; in fact, it was a tip from Vinnie that earned Art his gold shield. It's unclear where Eddie is working these days. But then life on the job for Andy became the life of Job. Fancy, either Bass or Aiello and sometimes both would step in.

Shannon of IAB gunned down Salvo. She took some time off from work to care for her newborn son Theo, but had returned to the job when she was killed in a courthouse shooting incident. Like a lot of detectives close to retirement, Eddie was living the easy life on the night tour of the 15th squad, shuffling papers and leaving the big investigations to Sipowicz and company. Their affair was complicated by his marriage, her trampy sister Dana, and an old flame of Donna's who used to play for the Rangers. There is no truth to the rumor that Savino only worked on days when acquaintances of the 15th squad were being arrested or killed.

In fact, Greg Medavoy, Sylvia Costas and Donna Abandando were all recurring characters in the first season who got added to the main cast in the second, just as Adrienne Lesniak and Diane Russell became regulars after several guest shots in season two. Haverill, Bass' predecessor, never liked Fancy, in part because he wanted one of his own hand-picked buddies running the 15th squad, in part because he didn't like seeing a black man in a position of power. He grew up in Brooklyn with a distant father, and his two best companions were an punch-drunk ex-fighter and a teenaged wiseguy wannabe. Fancy during a temporary stint as a Police Administrative Aide that he wound up with a permanent job in the precinct's Anti-Crime unit -- which earned him the nickname "Upstairs John" from members of the second-floor detective's squad.

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He would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for that meddling Officer Shannon, who turned in his crooked partner at the last minute. The shrewish, crass Marie would be hard to get along with for just about anyone -- Greg probably only stayed with her for that long out of some sense of masochism. Unlike Diane, Rita left Vice not because she wanted to, but because her husband, ADA Don Harrison, was too disturbed by the idea of his wife dressing up as a hooker and walking the streets undercover. Jill Kirkendall and John Irvin made the leap from feature to regular cast as well. So long as Andy and Connie didn't start having arguments in front of the fishtank or compromising their work in the field, Rodriguez let it slide.

For most of her tenure in the 15th squad, Jill served as the emotional rock to Diane's tower of Jell-O, as well as the most competent and confident cop in the precinct not named Sipowicz, Simone or Sorenson.

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