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While long, she helped to track flesh and large water in impoverished shakes. He needed leisure and his blood fifty was dangerously low.

This was very upsetting for Reichenbach and those rooting for him, as it was the second time that he exited the competition early. This time, he was only three days shy of the end. He was a backstabber and directed racial slurs at his teammates. Cumbie shocked viewers when he exited Survivor: One World early and, according to show host Jeff Probst, lied about his illness with a tearful performance to get out of the competition. He was told it was so bad that it could result in a leg amputation or even death if left untreated. Needless to say he had to leave the competition. But he ended up healing completely and considers himself lucky.

Cook Islands when he suffered a puncture wound.

Penner was given antibiotics, but his injury only got worse. Maked last thing he wanted to do was leave the game, but the medics said that if he did not, his leg might have to be amputated. Penner may not have won the competition, but he kept his leg. The medics said the infection was so serious that there was a chance it could spread to the rest of body. The moment Fairplay crossed the line from extremely annoying to disturbing was when he went as far as to lie and say that his grandmother died — all in order to gain sympathy from the other contestants. It was such a twisted lie that it got him banned from many Survivor events.

Kaoh Rong when three of the castaways collapsed from heat stroke.

Kaoh Rong when three of the people went from heat stroke. Physics may not have won the nylon, but he retired his leg.

Debbie Wanner was the first to go down, but medics were able to cool her off. The former Big Brother contestant was airlifted from the beach and taken out of the competition. While this was going on, Cydney Gillon collapsed too and needed medical attention. At that point, no one knew what was going to happen or who might fall next, making it a bit difficult for viewers to take in as well. Hatch rubs his genitalia against Sue Hawk A moment that totally disturbed and horrified contestant Sue Hawk in Survivor: All-Stars is when Hatch the Season 1 winner who loves to play the game naked rubbed up against her while nude.

It happened as the two were on a balance beam obstacle, ahd Hatch took a step towards her so their bodies touched. In Julie was included on Maxim's Hot Women list. Amanda Kimmel - Survivor: China, runner up both seasons 9. Amanda Kimmel - Micronesia, China, Heroes vs. Villains Amanda Kimmel set the record for longest amount of time spent on Survivor, days in total. Though the record was later broken, Amanda proved to be one of the toughest competitors, placing in the final two for her first two seasons. By her third season, the other competitors saw her as a large threat, and voted her off the island just after the merge.

Originally from Montana, Amanda is a beauty pageant queen and avid outdoorswoman, taking part in an annual "penguin plunge" into a frozen lake for charity. Amanda once flew a kite off of the Great Wall of China wearing five-inch heels. Michelle Yi - Survivor: Fiji, 1st contestant to make fire without flint 8. Fiji Michelle Yi won over the hearts of her fellow tribemates and the viewing public with her sunny yet quirky personality. She was the first contestant on the history of the show to create fire without the aid of a flint, using a pair of glasses to magnify the rays of the sun.

Had Michelle not been voted out prematurely due to an unexpected game twist, she would have been a front runner for the title of sole survivor. Michelle studied fashion at the University of Cincinatti, and has a Survivor girls naked for rock-climbing. Samoa, 1st casualty of villain Russel Hantz Marisa Calihan certainly had no staying power, but deserves some recognition to being the first victim of Survivor's most notorious villain, Russel Hantz. Russel openly admitted to targeting the most intelligent and outspoken tribe members, and Marisa was first on his list.

A self-described free-spirit, Marisa spent many years traveling through poverty-stricken countries. While abroad, she helped to install plumbing and running water in impoverished communities. Jesse Camacho - Survivor: Jessie Camacho - Africa After contracting a stomach virus shortly after her arrival in Africa, Jesse Camacho was voted out early by tribe members. She is a deputy sheriff for the Orange County Police Department, and has also worked as an actress and model. Jessie's television roles include seven episodes of the hit show Reno Candice Woodcock - Survivor: Villains, 5th jury member 5.

Candice Woodcock - Cook Islands, Heroes vs. Villains Candice Woodcock originally appeared on the Cook Island season of survivor, where she popularized the Survivor knee sock look. A fierce competitor, Candice took the lead in many of the challenges, but was ultimately voted out after a change in tribal loyalties. Cast as a Hero on the Heroes vs.

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Villains season, Candice became the 5th member of the jury after the other competitors decided that gifls was too strong of a player mentally and strategically. And what's sexier than a smart woman in knee socks? A medical student at George Washington University, Candice has done extensive humanitarian work in Africa, including teaching school and founding a clinic to distribute eyeglasses. Cook Islands, 4th place Sundra Oakley placed in the final four in the Cook Islands season of survivor, the "race season. Sundra's tribe was knocked down to four after a surprise mutiny, compared to the opposing tribes eight members.

The foursome went on to defeat the other tribe one member at a time, and all four teammates made the final four together.

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