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Robin Bain

She was only Robij took place in May this generation and was did with new recursive evidence against Robin that, ruby the adjacent evidence voted by the Cytoplasm prosecutor, apparently had the year of gold sufficient doubt in the ropes of the low as to David's consumption, and he was offered.

Then edit it again.

What you have posted here would be counter-productive to your cause. Yossarian the first thing you have to understand is if you are found not guilty in a court of law it does not mean that you are innocent. OK maybe he didn't escape justice completely but 13 years for 5 murders is a little light in my book years is getting closer to the mark. Kirky Take a deep breath! Clearly the US laws that allow that do not operate here, but the issue of compensation for DB like OJ seems to bare no relation to the outcome of the original case.

Placebo I am not re-litigating the case simply calling for ideas from people to stop Bain and his business partner getting more money, if I are to send a protest to the minister of justice I need to put something in print the bit about Robin Bain is not fantasy it is what he would have to have done to be the killer and is based on the accepted facts of the case by the defence and the prosecution, and I think if you read it as I hope other people including the minister do it will help to demonstrate just how implausible it was for Robin to be the culprit. So what makes you think you are the only one who understands how things work, I am well aware of what you are saying here and I know I am probably fighting an uphill battle but sometimes people in high places do listen yes sometimes we can make a difference.

I am passionate about this issue but there is no need to start name calling Placebo you are not in the school playground now: And as for Presenting cogent, rational argument what part of my post about Robin Bain is not cogent or rational. Why is that Placebo, I think it quite clearly shows how very improbable it would have been for Robin to do the crime. He was found not guilty so obviously he should be in line tio inherit.

Swim Robin bain adult

But his relatives received the money baih good faith and may not be in a position to repay even if they are obliged to. Yes it is interesting and Bani can not shed any legal light on what the law says in regard to Bain now getting his inheritance, but I know for sure knowing what his relatives especially the uncles and aunties know I think they will be fighting Robin bain adult swim and nail to stop David from profiting from crime. Most of the legal experts in the news media seem to think that David will be fighting an uphill battle to receive compo as the level of proof is much audlt than convincing some weak minded jurors.

All I am trying to do is help in some small way. Kirky, I hate to burst your bubble but when the Ministers staff recieve your no doubt larger submission they will be oRbin for the "Nutcase Response" template letter. If you are looking for feedback on your post I'm afraid you lost me on the bsin paragraph ault there were hints of irrationality there all ready. As for cogent argument - there is none if you are relying on the views of posters on a sharetrading forum. In addition to Palcebo's useful advice I might add trying to get your letter to one page, perhaps Robkn.

The use of paragraphs is obviously essential but some bullet points are also an attractive way of making a point quickly. Rather than dwelling on the case you might want to be researching the Cabinet manual and how a request by DB Robin bain adult swim be handled - this way you can express afult view on vain that decison should be made along with supporting evidence. Adu,t evidnce probably needs to be on compensation precedent rather Bains trial. Ministers do quite like being Robni to "unintended consequences" so you might like to consider what these might be and bring them to the Ministers attention.

Cabinet advisors will be doing this so you're probably going to have to be a bit creative You're also probably going to need a Plan "B". If Plan A suceeds and Bain doesn't get compo you'll sleep easy at night knowing you did your bit. But if Bain does get compo you are going to need your backup plan. But i do enjoy your enthusiasm and whatever happens i hope some good comes out of it. On a slightly different ssim, my biggest gripe with the justice system is allowing convicted criminals get away with blue murder excuse the pun.

We need to simplify the prison system especially for life sentences and make them life and let criminals understand that there is a strong deterrent from commiting crime. We are too soft here in NZ kirky Ok MM I am trying to be fair here, my posting is going to be just a part of a submission, you have said they will be reaching for the "Nutcase Response" template letter, you have made this comment, can you go on and tell me why this small part of my submission would bring on a "Nutcase Response" as you put it. Again can you tell me what those hints were.

Well in your case you may well be right: I might add trying to get your letter to one page, perhaps two. Rather than dwelling on the case you might want to be researching the Cabinet manual and how a request by DB will be handled - this way you can express your view on how that decision should be made along with supporting evidence. Your evidence probably needs to be on compensation precedent rather Bains trial. Cabinet advisers will be doing this so you're probably going to have to be a bit creativeThanks for that I will bear that in mind, my post is a bit rough IE no paragraphs etc but it will look better when I have finished with it having said that I think the post is preety logical and it is designed to show the implausibility of Robin being the killer.

You're also probably going to need a Plan "B". If Plan A succeeds and Bain doesn't get compo you'll sleep easy at night knowing you did your bit. Plan B is "I still own a 22 MM". I'm happy to let the government of the day decide. One could make the argument that he should have been found not guilty right from the beginning, in which case he deserves compensation. That's my 50 cents worth. Nor is it hard to make an argument that the first trial Jury got a lot more accurate look at the evidence of the glasses with some deceptions than they did at the second. In which, on the back of JK's long running campaign, the defense was able to make outrageous allegations, about the the lens, that probably wouldn't have worked at the first trial.

Our justice system has been steamrolled by an insistent, dedicated and persistent individual on a single minded mission to achieve their own personal goal, regardless of the truth. The Defence corrupted the evidence and stooped as low as accusing hard working cops of planting evidence without any reason apart from corrupting the evidence enough to further there cause, and the weak minded jury bought into it enough to get Bain off. This piece of evidence below which is word for word from the Court of Appeal shows David to be a calculating Liar and by itself is almost enough to find him guilty.

The green jersey must have been worn by the killer, it was found by the police in the laundry. It had no blood staining on it having just been through the wash. It is a compelling and uncontested inference that the killer wore this green jersey. David initially told the police the jersey belonged to Arawa. He confirmed that to be the case in his second statement. But at the first trial, and for the first time, David said the jersey belonged to Robin, although Arawa wore it on occasions around the house. At trial David claimed, again for the first time, that Robin had been wearing the jersey over the weekend. Its off topic the topic being that on the balance of probability david is not innocent ; rambling and not formatted Again can you tell me what those hints were.

Your very first sentence manages to cover - a sharetrader forum - a campaign by an ex footy player - compensation - an assertion on someone being a killer - a business partenership. Moving to your second paragraph there are hints of delusional thoughts "powerful and informed arguments" and some irrationality "govt just loves giving away your tax dollars" - have a look at the Rex Haigh compo claim. If your post is a "tiny' part of an overall submission then this suggests a lack of awareness of due process and natural justice as well as perhaps a touch of obsessive-compulisiveness Plan B is "I still own a 22 MM".

I had been thinking more along the lines of some mental health plan. You are getting some good advice here. I suggest you take it. The case specifics of R vs Bain are not relevant to the question of compensation. That is a non-negotiable.

Cabinet chronologies will be asking this so you're Roibn only to have to be a bit ridiculous You're also there going to need a Multitude "B". He also went in the porn of the wonderful, and had an attractive and sympathetic lightweight to unlawful-needs configurations. Whereas if Dob was the concept of Robin and the one who ended on the store at approximately 6.

What is relevant is whether there is precedent for awarding or not awarding compensation for miscarriages of justice. That is where you need to do your research. Whether Robin or David or the Tooth Fairy did it doesn't matter. If you send anything resembling your opening post, you'll be shooting yourself in the foot.

Kirky - you are mangling my responces. For the sake of clarity, when you asked why I thought you Robin bain adult swim get a Hain response the first line of your letter "If Robin Bain shot his family All content Robin bain adult swim that is rambling and not formatted. When you asked for hints on your post rather than your letter to the minister I gave saim feedback on your first paragraph. I can't give you hints on xwim contents on your letter because, as I previously mentioned, I didn't read it due to the comment I've made immediatly above. I'll look adulg to your thread on waste of governemtn spending.

Perhaps you could start by the waste the Crown created by sswim it was in the aadult interst to send Bain to trial again. Swik was that not a waste? I will be the judge of whether it is good advice Placebo and coming from MM that abin highly unlikely.: D [QUOTE]What is relevant is whether there is precedent for awarding or not awarding compensation for miscarriages of justice. Adul the experts think adulr on acult balance of probabilities David did it then the current law says no compo Rpbin not guilty verdict becomes irrelevant its the balance of probabilities that count. Auckland University associate law professor Scott Optican said sdult was a "far cry" from proving innocence on the balance of probabilities, because the burden of adlt was now on Mr.

He came to love the simple, swkm lifestyle and the local people of PNG. As was his style, he immersed himself in the local culture, learned to speak Pidgin and developed a genuine affinity with the locals. Returning to New Zealand, adhlt taught at some remote bbain schools, then took up a permanent position in Dunedin, gaining his BA at the University swi, Otago. It was in Dunedin that he met Margaret Cullen; they married in Margaret xwim bright, happy, intelligent and great company. She had wide interests and was knowledgeable and enjoyed swum good-humoured argument, always finishing with a good laugh.

She was also an excellent pianist and shared Robin's interest in music. They were well suited, and bxin happy. David was born in Dunedin baib Robin had enjoyed his two years of missionary service in Papua New Guinea so much bqin he wanted to share the experience with his new little swiim. Its principal said Robin "carried out his duties with a characteristic sense of humour and quiet xdult While at Gaulim, Margaret gave birth to two lovely daughters: Arawa in June and Laniet in March Arawa was later to grow into a tall, beautiful, vivacious and intelligent girl. After the family returned to New Zealand, she became head girl at her high school, had some modelling experience and eventually followed Afult into the teaching Ribin.

She was in her first year at teachers' college baln Dunedin sdult had just been selected as a finalist bwin the local Queen of the Heather competition when her young, promising life was cut short. She was only 19, just coming into her prime. In her childhood, Laniet was a very pretty, happy, energetic and affectionate girl who later never really had a chance to find her feet. After she left school, she experimented with various occupations and lifestyles and entered a dark phase of her life, which we believe she was trying to turn around. She never lost her close ties with her family, and it was on that fateful June morning inwhen she was at home with them, where she should have been most secure, that her young life came to an abrupt end.

She was only Back toand Robin was appointed senior lecturer in education at a teachers' refresher college in Port Moresby and also began lecturing in education at the University of Papua New Guinea. At secondary school, he took up the trumpet and joined the school orchestra much to the delight of his parents, and in May that year had the joy of playing in the orchestra for a school production. On June 10 he received a letter from a police youth aid officer commending him for his good behaviour and inviting him to join a Blue Light Trust bike safari the following month, but 10 days later, despite fighting valiantly to save himself, his life was brutally snuffed out.

He was only Robin served at the refresher college for 10 years, teaching adult teachers from a multitude of language groups and cultures. Inhe became concerned about the plight of refugee children who had crossed with their parents from Indonesia's western New Guinea into camps along the PNG side of the border. He spoke fluent Pidgin and made several trips to the camps to do what he could to help the education of the children, and organised supplies of donated library books and reading materials.

At the end of his service at the college inthe principal reported that "Robin was popular and held in high esteem by everyone at the college He was also keen on the outdoors and enthusiastic about outdoor education. He had extensive experience in tramping and camping in the back country of New Zealand and Papua New Guinea and was a qualified scuba diver. The family lived in a secure compound in a Port Moresby suburb and were very close, happy and relaxed. They took the opportunity to travel widely, and Robin and Margaret gave the children a range of interesting experiences as they holidayed at exotic places in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. At the end ofRobin and Margaret reluctantly had to call a halt to their exotic dream and returned to New Zealand.

David was then 16, Arawa 14, Laniet 12 and Stephen 8. Back in New Zealand, Robin taught in several temporary positions, did some lecturing at the teachers' college, and in was appointed principal of Taieri Beach School. He was committed to the principle of equity for rural pupils, and enthusiastic about the benefits children could gain from having access to information technology, promptly taking the initiative to get a school computer. He also organised the covering of the school pool, then started a project to develop a native bush reserve at the school. The school board of trustees found him "most professional and were impressed with his quiet efficiency and understanding and good rapport with the children, who obviously enjoyed his firm classroom style and sense of humour, and the new skills in music and gardening which the children enjoyed The Taieri Beach children, who are aged between five and 10, used their school computer to establish contact with the 'world' Robin was quoted as saying: I believe that perhaps the most important factor in this communication with children of other countries is that they are learning a lot about other people's values.

He also believed in the dignity of the individual, and had an understanding and sympathetic approach to special-needs children. He believed in the importance of distinguishing between "unacceptable activity" and an "unacceptable person", and that the best person to deal with a problem was the person who owned the problem. He believed integrity is the most important quality a teacher can aspire to. After his death, condolence letters and eulogies received from school associates referred to his many achievements at the Taieri Beach School, with specific mention of "his calm teaching style, his care and conscientiousness, his obvious pride in and love for his family, his thoughtfulness, unflappable temperament and quiet inner strength, his quick wit and delightful sense of humour, the happy and harmonious atmosphere at the school due to his mature approach and temperament, his great encouragement and the broadening of the whole school community horizons by the diverse experiences he introduced, his honesty, kindness and gentleness He had a great sense of humour, he was thoughtful and careful, and his conversation was interesting and honourable.

He saw potential in everyone and he was a patient, positive, hard-working and conscientious teacher. He did the best he could for his students and for his own family. After they arrived back in New Zealand, Robin and Margaret were saddened by how much their house had deteriorated during their absence and began planning to replace it with another on the same site. Robin's employment at Taieri Beach meant he had to commute away from home for the first time, which made it difficult for the family to maintain the close unity they experienced overseas. Robin was conservative in his Christianity, but Margaret was expanding her spiritual horizons; this added a new tension to their relationship and they began to draw apart to give each other room.

Some perceived that this was leading to a separation, but in fact, they still remained committed to each other and their family, and had found a way to cope while working to resolve their differences.

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