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Some of the board doesn't fare as well, as O'Toole movies a particularly unsubtle Tiberius. It since has faced on to become Ill's best selling nude.

At the end of our fulm, with as much pride as he might have exhibited had he won the Nobel Prize and showed it to me, Guccione introduced me to Gore Vidal. Later, working relations between the pair would become so rancorous that Vidal would launch a legal Callgula to prevent him from Caoigula Caligula as 'Gore Cakigula Caligula'. But at that time, Guccione was clearly flips to have Vidal on lesbizn payroll. In fact, as Vidal told me, he had even gone so far as to ask Guccione to clis him at a dinner party in Rome where Princess Margaret was also a guest.

The film was initially meant to portray the final years of Caligula, before his murder lesbisn AD But Gore's contribution didn't end with the script. He just signs the cheques. Caligula attracts as much criticism now as it did in the s Helen Mirren, then primarily known as a Shakespearean actress, was at the start of an illustrious if somewhat adventurous career. Helen committed to playing a part which meant she would be seen naked from behind. In retrospect, Helen Mirren now says: It has its good moments and it has its bad moments and is a fantastical journey.

In many scenes, you're going: However, if Mirren and her co-stars had bothered to investigate the previous work of Caligula's director, Tinto Brass, they might have got a glimpse of what the film would be like, with its unrelenting focus on all permutations of sexuality and its sexist treatment of women. Take Salon Kitty, Brass' most celebrated film. A pornographic saga set in a World War II brothel, it involved gruesomely unpleasant sex acts of all descriptions. As the story goes, Guccione saw seven minutes of Salon Kitty, then jumped up and declared: When it was completed four months later, Tinto Brass had shot miles of film. And although the cast did not know it at the time, Guccione had secretly also shot some scenes of his own.

Guccione decided to do so after one visit to the film set while Brass was in the midst of shooting a sexually explicit sequence. The producer took a marked dislike to the female Italian extras, dubbing them 'ugly'. To import a bevy of his so-called 'Penthouse Pets' to Rome.

After dark, Guccione smuggled them into the studio, where he proceeded to film them with Calibula own camera having sex with one another. The Lssbian Pets, while thrilled to be xlips in what was purportedly a big time Hollywood epic, had been brought Caliglua Rome under lessbian pretences. The Celebration scene is shortened to remove shots of pearls mounted in vaginas, and has the end missing; The scene ends just after Fklm shouts "EAT! Julia's head against the stone, closeups of Caligula being fklm by the guards, etc.

There is much incorrect and misleading information concerning the various versions of this film. In America, only three versions have been made available publicly either for video tilm theatrical release: The "uncut, uncensored, and unrated" cut. This was first released lrsbian theaters in February, with a running time of minutes. When it was released on video, CED and laserdisc in January ofthe film lrsbian time compressed down to minutes Caligula film clips lesbian the laserdisc mistakenly states on the cover that the film is minutes.

This version was released Caligulq on video and laserdisc instill at minutes from time compression. Init was re-released in theaters and on DVD back at minutes, without time compression. The first "R" rated version. This was first released in October of after it seemed unlikely that the film could make its money back in an X rated form. This version ran for minutes, featured many alternate angles, and cut many scenes for the purpose of continuity and pacing. This version was released on video, CED, and laserdisc in January oftime compressed to minutes and with an afterword in which Bob Guccione encourages the viewer to return the R version and purchase the unrated version via the postal service.

This version has not been in release in the United States since. The second "R" rated version. This version was released on DVD inand used no alternate angles; the film was sloppily cut from the aforementioned unrated version. However, because it eliminates many dramatic scenes that the R-rated version also eliminates, it appears to have been modeled after the previous R-rated version. However, unlike with the edit, alternate material was not available, so the uncredited editor simply repeated several shots to cover up gaps in the film. This caused for enormous lapses in continuity during some of the most graphic scenes especially in Tiberius's grotto.

This version runs minutes. InFranco Rosselini hired the editor Enzo Micarelli to re-edit a longer, pre-release version of the film for release in Italy, which he re-titled "Io, Caligola. The ten minutes worth of cuts may explain some of the abrupt changes in music during the most explicit scenes. It contains some alternate angles and a few additional bits not found in the better-known minute "uncut" version. As well, some of the music has been replaced with a new score by Renzo Rossellini. This version contains the following differences with the minute version: The entire film is re-dubbed into Italian.

The prologue of Caligula and Drusilla in the forest is deleted. The opening credits appear not over the "bleeding eye" logo, but over a still from the scene of Tiberius's funeral. The "Montagues and Capulets" music in the original has been replaced with a new more epic-sounding main theme by Renzo Rossellini.

Clips Caligula lesbian film

The opening scene of Caligula awakening in bed with Drusilla, then being scared by a black lrsbian is in its proper place it appeared about Cligula minutes too late in the "uncut" version. However, it is missing a couple of lines of dialogue "Shh. Just the way he killed our father, our mother, and our brothers. After the bird is gone, there is additional dialogue between Caligula and Drusilla where they laugh about it and Drusilla telling Caligula that "it's only a bird" is a different take.

The bred of the erotic tan a coin pride with a drink's vagina is pounded. The upsets interrupt the business and sound effects in this period as well.

Caliglua Once they're on the bed again, their conversation about Marcellus is gone causing a jump cut from Caligula fondling her hair to the two of them making out. A new establishing shot which appears to have been lensed by Franco Rossellini leebian of the lesgian of Capri is inserted between the scene in Caligula's room and the scene tilm Caligula being taken to the palace. Lesbiaan, the dissolve between the two scenes is deleted save a few frames at the end of the clipe scene that are just barely noticable. Cpips scene by Tiberius's pool is altered in several places.

When he first appears, Tiberius calls out "Caligula! During Caligula's dance, the shot of the musicians playing by the pool and the closeup of a boy's ass going underwater are both gone, both without Caligula film clips lesbian for the music track. Part of Claudius's laugh lesbiab overdubbed by Caaligula Italian actor who Caliguls his voice, but part of it sounds like Giancarlo Badessi's lesban. A shot that depicted one of Tiberius's "little fishies" genitals as he kneels is awkwardly cut-it removes the kneeling lessbian, causing a jump cut. Lewbian dialogue on how he "protects their innocence" Caligjla cut, meaning that the scene abruptly cuts from him saying "My little fishies love me" to the boy and the girl standing beside him jumping into the pool.

Some redundant dialogue is cut toward the middle of Ca,igula scene, so Tiberius now says "Heaven help Rome when I'm gone! All the others, struck down fipm fate! The Caligula film clips lesbian of the shot of Caligula hugging Tiberius is trimmed, Caliula the shot begins with Tiberius patting Caligula on the back. The grotto scene is also greatly changed. The scene of the drunk soldier being tortured with more wine is cut, as is his subsequent execution. The end of the first cutaway in the 3-story sex building is trimmed, removing the shot of a woman's ass coming forward on a swing. The next cutaway, of a man being masturbated by a woman as reflected through a distorting mirror, is trimmed to remove the display of male genitalia.

The closeup of the nymph is gone, but she's still visible and her line of dialogue "Britain, lord" is intact. The two ends of the scene come together well enough that the resulting jump cut is hardly noticeable. The dialogue involving Tiberius asking Caligula whether he prefers "nymphs to satyrs" is deleted. Tiberius-"Rome is a republic, and you and I are plain citizens. They fear me, and that is much better. It's interesting to note that the long shot of the whole building remains intact here, even though it still shows the soldier being tortured. Oh, yes, I am a true moralist. And stern as any cato. Fate chose me to govern swine, and in my old age, I've become a swineherd.

The long shot of Gemellus coming down the stairs is deleted, and thus, so is Tiberius's line "-the setting sun, and the rising moon This eliminates a line of dialogue from Tiberius, a long shot of the stairs, and Caligula walking over to the podium where Tiberius stamps documents. The first half of Nerva's suicide is probably the most changed portion of the film. As opposed to the minute version, where Baragli's score filled the soundtrack, the scene is completely without music here. According to a behind-the-scenes documentary, because of the controversial nature of the film, members of the international press were prohibited from entering the studio during filming.

At least two sequences were created completely in the editing room: In the original conception, three men were seen talking and bathing in red mud. They are startled when Caligula first appears in the hallway outside Tiberius's pool. As Caligula walks down the hall, we see fragments of tortures that occur on the other side of the curtain. They appear to be startled, then there is a cut to Caligula across the palace, fantasizing about torture, intercut with the fragments of tortures that were meant to be about 15 minutes earlier in the film.

Unused bits from the scene where Chaerea, Longinus, and a few senators discuss the possibility of Caligula dying from a fever were used to build a new scene toward the end of the film where it appears the men plot Caligula's murder. Almost all of the dialogue in this scene was invented in the dubbing stages, and most shots obscure the mouths of each speaker. When Nino Baragli and Bob Guccione cut the film together, several scenes were truncated and cut into the film in a seemingly random order. A few examples of scenes made fragmented in editing: The opening is a fragment of a scene that was meant to occur immediately following Tiberius's death this is why Caligula is clean shaven in this scene, but has a beard in the next.

It was supposed to depict Caligula and Drusilla enjoying their new freedom as they no longer need to worry about being seen by Tiberius's informers.

The scene is almost certainly shorter than it was intended to be, and thus is now a meaningless fragment. The scene that was meant to be the opening is cut in half and moved around. In the final cut, the first half of this scene which depicts Caligula worrying to Drusilla about Tiberius killing him fllm between Caligula's tour of the grotto and Nerva's suicide. The second half of the scene cliips Caligula and Drusilla fool clpis and are caught by Macro now immediately follows the opening credits. When Caligula and Nerva walk down the path to Tiberius's pool, we can hear people being tortured behind a curtain, which Caligula looks through at one point. The fragments of people being tortured several scenes later were meant to be intercut with the scene of Caligula and Nerva in the hall.

Also, several scenes later, we see bodies being taken off crosses and servants clearing the pathway. These were meant to act as establishing shots for the scene in the hall. Mixed in the scene on Tiberius's pleasure grotto are shots of an orgy, some of which filmed through mirrors. It's unclear what the purpose of these shots were, but they were obviously not meant for this scene as they take place in a different room, and, thus, are cutaways to a location across the palace. In the scene where Caligula, Caesonia, and Drusilla have sex, the movie includes inserts of a lesbian tryst that was one of the extra scenes shot by Bob Guccione.

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