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TVE Qi-Gong Kung Fu for Teens & Adults

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Have an injury, new or Adilt Qi Gong Kung Fu can still help. Many adults are concerned with injuries or stiffness they have in different parts of Acult body such as the back or knees. With Qi Gong, our program is able to help them regain mobility, strength, and confidence. As you will see in the class schedule, the first thing class consists of is warm-up where we limber up and stretch readying muscles and joints for mobility. Next are Qi Gong inner strengths that utilize our body for circulation, breathing, and increasing energy.

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Adult tve addition, we always take into consideration the current limits of certain students and curtail their practice to better suit their situation. It is our goal to help the student so that they will see improvement, helping reduce or completely remove pain. And if at any time a student feels discomfort, we will give them other techniques to help their discomfort AAdult they can take home and practice Adjlt further help them. If you dAult any concerns, please feel free to let us know and how we may accommodate Adult tve situation. Teaching Adlt and Belt System Whether you are new to martial arts or have some previous experience in others styles, all students start off from the beginning with one-on-one instruction taught by one of the trained Qi Gong Kung Fu instructors.

This allows for students to quickly build a strong foundation for which their future progress can refer to. New students find this especially helpful as it allows them to become better acquainted with class flow. As the student progress, he or she will become integrated into the class among other students, learning the comradely and sense of energy within the group while still being instructed individually according to his or her ability. In the Qi Gong Kung Fu program, students will learn new techniques as they progress level by level. These countries like the idea of "self-serve" career guidance. The information provided by governments is often supplemented by information offered by educational institutions, employers, professional and trade associations, and other groups.

In a few jurisdictions the Internet guidance programmes are supplemented with electronic mail communication with a counsellor and, in some cases, with other users through open discussion forums. Some experimentation is now underway to provide vocational counselling via interactive video conferencing on the Internet. A by-product of Internet-based systems is that people in any country with access to the Internet can see the educational and occupational structures and opportunities in other countries and also use the guidance instruments interest inventories, etc. It is relevant to note that some of the users of Canadian Internet-based career systems access them from outside that country.

Internet connections are far from being available to most people in most countries. However, the Internet delivery of career guidance will be increasingly common in the next century. On-line counseling has some distinct advantages: Educational Reform Some Adult tve of education are in the process of major educational reform because the emergence of a more 'learning-intensive' economy poses new challenges. Employment is becoming increasingly fluid, work is increasingly complex, occupational boundaries are changing or dissolving, and more jobs are temporary. For these reasons, continual learning is a more important part of work. Five main elements characterize an education system that is likely to prepare students effectively for this new environment: These changes present difficulties for the learners and many students and their parents are in need of a better understanding of the changes, the implications in terms of career prospects, the skills to adjust to a scientific mode of thinking and the cultures of new industrial working life.

This situation calls for a special version of the guidance curriculum and programme generally to provide the orientation and to teach the learning skills. School Dropouts Students who prematurely discontinue their studies represent a major potential loss to themselves, the economy and the society. In some countries there is considerable pressure on students to quit school and help with the farm-work or otherwise bring supplemental income into their parents' household. Recently some countries have become increasingly active in attempting to lessen the number of dropouts - and this is quite feasible because dropping out is seldom done without prior notice on the part of the student's behaviour.

A number of mechanisms have been put in place: Guidance counsellors are often at the heart of these programmes. School-to-work Transition The articulation of school-based learning and work-based learning follows significantly different patterns from country to country. In some jurisdictions there is an almost seamless transition from the school to apprenticeship programmes.

In other jurisdictions there is a complete separation between school and work. The role of guidance varies significantly according to the system. In the former it is the task of counsellors to assist students to select the appropriate types of work-based training programme and to prepare them for entry. In jurisdictions without this articulation, the school guidance programme has often been more geared to preparing the most academically inclined students for university than to help students who will go immediately into the labour force. Frequently in cultures that separate secondary education and apprenticeship programmes parents want their children to go to university and not to prepare for the trades even though the children have indicated a preference for a trade.

Counsellors have Adult tve particular responsibility to explain to parents the many favourable aspects of a career in the trades. Increasingly in jurisdictions that do not articulate school and work-based learning, schools integrate work experience assignments as an integral part of the curriculum and seek the co-operation of local employers, unions and professional associations. According to Stasz "the power of the work based learning is that authentic work experiences give learners opportunities to apply knowledge in useful contexts. In the end, learning is a personal, developmental transformation, so it is crucial to pay attention to whether that transformation occurs, as well as to the context that will enable such a transformation.

It is this context that teachers and counsellors, in and out of school, have the most ability to shape". Guidance for Unemployed Workers The following practices have been found Bysshe, and others to be helpful in preparing unemployed workers for new employment: Consequently, guidance practitioners generally need to be trained in the country in which they will practise. As has been already mentioned, when guidance is conducted by a course in career development, it is not unusual to have the course taught by regular classroom teachers who have had special preparation to teach the course. Whether it is to teach a career development curriculum or to conduct courses infused with career education the professional development of teachers should give them a basic framework for career planning and how to connect activities in the classroom to the events unfolding in the labour market.

When guidance is provided through individual counselling, however, the counsellor is expected to have specialized training in such areas as: Some training for counsellors is beginning to appear on the Internet and may be expected to become increasingly available through that means. Currently there are no internationally accepted standards for guidance counsellors but the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance IAEVG is in the process of establishing a committee to draft such a standard. International standards are increasingly important as on-line career counselling can be provided across national boundaries and therefore be immune from regulation by most, if not all, countries.

Guidance consultants in ministries usually have the same training as counsellors plus competencies in programme planning and adoption strategies; guidance curriculum development; differing cultural values and their relationship to work values; unique career planning needs of minorities, women, persons with disabilities, and older persons; and alternative approaches to career planning for learners with specific needs. Many countries do not have "counsellors" although they do have psychologists, sociologists or others performing some of the functions of a counsellor. The unique training of educational and vocational counsellors typically is instruction in: In some countries, training in these areas is needed by those who otherwise have relevant competencies.

The guidance materials often include classification and description of occupations; brochures describing various educational options and occupations; and computer-assisted guidance systems. In countries where the private sector has been traditionally ignored by the government, counsellors in the ministries have a particular responsibility to establish collaborative contacts with firms to learn about their occupations, required training, pay structures, employment practices for example the use of application forms by international companies represents an unexpected innovation in many locationsworking conditions, work culture, etc. Lifelong learning is important as a means to personal, social and economic development.

In many communities there is a variety of formal and non-formal education opportunities for part-time learners. Perhaps the majority of both formal and non-formal learning projects undertaken by adults relates to work.

Tve Adult

This, it appears, is the prime motive for adult learning. Governments that want their citizens to enrol in learning projects to increase their employability might take this notion and promote a career development culture emphasizing personal achievement. A career development culture would be characterized by elements such as widespread publicity about future job opportunities and the Adult tve and skills that they will require; promotion of learning opportunities; and promotion of career guidance services. Increasingly, governments are involving the voluntary and private sectors in promoting the creation of a culture of competence.

In some cases the responsibility for action is that of government, in other cases technical and vocational education and training institutions and associations of counsellors could initiate action. Government support for guidance is important because: Economic development is fast becoming the overarching concern of most governments; Economic growth is based increasingly on the availability of highly skilled workers; Technical and vocational education and training are very important means to developing a skilled labour force; Guidance helps individuals develop their full potential, identify the most appropriate training, and succeed in their education and placement in the labour market. A British study Killeen, White and Watts, It is recommended that governments implement the following steps: Establish an office with responsibility to: Enact legislation that defines the goals of guidance describes the range of services to be provided and stipulates the level of resourcing.

The legislation should apply to the services to be provided to learners in educational institutions and to adults in the labour market. Provide employment counselling and placement services for learners completing their studies and for all people in the labour force. Enact legislation to authorize the collection, classification and publishing of labour market information that is useful to economic development efforts, technical and vocational training programmes, and educational and vocational guidance. Associations of Counsellors Counsellor's associations have an important part to play in the development of guidance by: Technical and Vocational Education Institutions In some jurisdictions, ministries of education observe the innovations undertaken by leading institutions and in time adopt or recommend the more successful ones to other schools in the system.

There is, therefore, an important role to be played by institutions themselves in leading the way for national improvement.

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