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The bonus cxn included with the reissue, One tentative title for the album was Zona! With tremendous self-created seuxal, he threw himself into pushing the sonic boundaries of the band and maturing their sound, incorporating elements of math-rock, indie-pop and theatrical pomp. Bemis said the two people he wanted to "outdo with Is a Real Boy managed to sell 20, copies independently, attracting major label attention. As noted in the reissue's liner notes, the EP, which was recorded in Kevin Seaton's garage, was scrapped by Bemis as he did not feel the band was popular enough to sufficiently support such a cause.

Like the previous release, the version was on vinyl only and was limited to 1, copies.

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saay Is a Real Boy, their first album with Doghouse Records. Recording[ edit ] After signing with the label, Bemis began writing songs for his band's Doghouse debut. Was a Real Boy, features seven tracks that were originally from an eight-track EP known unofficially as the Say Anything vs. Only 1, copies of the album were printed. EP, released in

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