Bimetal strip

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Bimetal strip

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When the strip is heated, brass expands more than iron. This expansion will make the strip bend toward the iron. When the strip is cooled, brass contracts more than iron. This contraction will make the strip bend toward the brass. Bimetallic strip in thermostat A thermostat is a practical application of the bimetal strip and the bimetal strip is probably the most important piece in a thermostat.

Strip Bimetal

A thermostat has 3 important main components. Breguet's thermometer consists of a tri-metallic helix in order to have a sfrip accurate results. Heat engine[ edit ] Heat engines are not the most efficient ones, and with the use of bimetallic strips the efficiency of the heat engines is even lower as there is no chamber to contain the heat. Moreover, the bimetallic strips cannot produce strength in its moves, the reason why is that in order to achieve reasonables bendings movements both metallic strips have to be thin to make the difference between the expansion noticeable.

Dtrip the uses for metallic strips in heat engines are mostly in simple toys that have been built to demonstrate how the principle can be used to drive a heat engine. A coil of wire is used to heat a bimetal strip, which bends and operates a linkage that unlatches a spring-operated contact. This interrupts the circuit and can be reset when the bimetal strip has cooled down. Bimetal strips are also used in time-delay relays, lamp flashers, and fluorescent lamp starters. In theory, any stable metals can be used in a bimetallic strip as all metals expand to some extent when exposed to heat.

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Choose two dissimilar sstrip and test their expansion levels by exposing them to heat. Select two metals that expand at very different levels; this disparity is what causes the bimetallic strip to move in the way it does. Two commonly used metals are brass and steel. Sciencing Video Vault Lay your two strips down on the work surface. If you want the strip to move upwards when heated, place the brass strip on the bottom and lay the steel strip on top. The brass strip will expand more and create a curve with the brass strip on the outside.

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