Cincinnati breast implant

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Breast Augmentation Cincinnati

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At the Mandell-Brown Plastic Surgery Center, we often use this approach when a breast lift is needed as well. Some of the excess sagging skin can be removed and an implant can be Cincimnati at the same time. See breast lift section. Armpit Trans-axillary approach The Trans-axillary approach is becoming more popular. The incision is made in the axilla or armpit. The incision is hidden in a natural armpit crease. The pocket is then made over or under the muscle and the implant is placed through the axilla. Occasionally the scar can be noticeable especially if you wear tank tops or sleeveless shirts. Rarely hand weakness or arm numbness results.

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I can honestly say that I was in no Cincinnait from surgery. It was a little uncomfortable, like an Ace bandage around me. My new breasts feel wonderful. My clothes fit better and putting on a bathing suit was how I always wanted to look at the beach.

Breast implant Cincinnati

Most of the work that we do together is completed before the day of surgery. This includes choosing which implants are desired, sizing, and the right approach to surgery to achieve the desired outcome. On the day of surgery, the patient arrives at the facility an hour or two prior to the surgery time. This allows for time to administer medication and prepare the surgical site. Patients are able to relax in a comfortable pre-surgery area while they wait for their final consultation with Dr. Krummen just before surgery. Breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia.

The anesthesiologist may initially administer IV medication to achieve deep relaxation before transitioning to a general anesthesia technique. Patients are closely monitored with sophisticated equipment and the watchful eye of the anesthesiologist throughout the entire procedure. All of our patients receive a completely customized treatment designed with her specific goals in mind. Complementary Procedures Breast augmentation can achieve dramatic and beautiful results.

This procedure can be in conjunction with other cosmetic surgery or non-invasive procedures. We sometimes recommend combining breast augmentation with other procedures such as a breast lift for more satisfying results. Saline and Silicone Gel Breast Implants Breast implants are silicone shells filled with either saline salt water or silicone gel. Kurtzman will help you decide which implant is right for you. During surgery, we will place the implants either behind each breast, underneath breast tissue or beneath the chest wall muscle. After many years, the U.

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