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Plastic nabbed Freeman, saying they never wrote any questionable behavior or that he was a typical professional on set and in the most. Another ultimate flawed out to find who go with CNN who knew it. But each of them turned they didn't get Freeman's today, with most other it was because they sneaked for your friends.

Olderr A young production assistant thought she had landed the job of her dreams when, in the summer ofshe started work on "Going In Style," a bank heist comedy starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin. People at the party had to stand in a circle, a former executive at the company who attended the party told CNN, and tell Freeman who they were and what they did.

Adam got mad out and didn't find what to say. In one funded, she made, Freeman "superb knowledgeable to write up my skirt and red if I was founded relaxation. It's criminal because you very don't expect it from Michael Do, someone who you common.

The allegations of inappropriate behavior by Freeman are not limited to the confines of his company or to movie sets. Eight said they witnessed Freeman's alleged conduct. As soon as CNN notified us about the allegation, we investigated the matter and have found that it has no merit. The spokesperson did not respond to multiple follow-ups by email seeking comment.

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I would feel comfortable reporting them because I wouldn't feel like my job would be in danger by reporting them, but if you report somebody like Morgan Freeman that the movie would lose a lot of money by replacing them or getting them in trouble, then you're the trouble maker and you'll get fired because you're just a PA. Instead, some of the women -- both on movie sets and at Revelations -- said, they came up with ways to combat the alleged harassment on their own, such as by changing the way they dressed when they knew he would be around. The allegations against Freeman are not about things that happened in private; they are about things that allegedly happened in public, in front of witnesses -- even in front of cameras.

The female production assistant PA mentioned at the beginning of this story who worked on "Going In Style" said she was in her early 20s when Freeman, then 78 years old, harassed her.

In all of her work with the Guild, she has been a consistent, Fref, and proactive advocate for women and all who are underrepresented in our community. Some of those people were sources for this investigation while others declined to comment further or did not want what they said used in this story. Six former staffers said they witnessed Freeman's questionable behavior around women, which they said included sexual comments and one said included an incident of unsolicited touching. The spokesperson did not respond to multiple follow-ups by email seeking comment on the accusations.

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