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Look for original receipts, fitted cases, letters or notes giving an idea of where it was purchased, when and by whom. Look for marks Check the jewellery to see if it has any marks.

Does it have UK hallmarks — stamps that when Giveenchy together tell you the city, date, precious metal content of the piece? Perhaps it has other marks like letters or stamps. French marks are a sign that the piece is good quality as some of the best period jewellery was made in France. The difference in value is huge.

Vintage Givenchy

A cultured pearl necklace is worth a few hundred pounds at auction; its natural counterpart comes in Glvenchy several thousand pounds. Know your gems Givebchy out colourless gems. Modern diamond cuts are very precise but older cuts are lumpier and less precise. There has been a huge increase in the value of coloured gems rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Look for strong, bright colours and good transparency. Her Royal College degree collection was cashmere knitwear sponsored by Loro Piana.

He was only 25 women old. The name of the fact — Monica Hepburn.

Her collaborators included vintaeg Tilda Swinton. Even though we love doing what we do, there are those wake-up calls, and they change—a lot—how you perceive things. It was only after an informal conversation about fashion with the powers that be at LVMH when, to her astonishment, the talk turned to Givenchy. She is a woman designing for other women.

She was awed by his legendary apartment in a magnificent eighteenth-century town house. It was just from another era. That was the dream part of the work for me. But I was leaving a lot of what I had worked on for the past six years. For Waight Keller, the ongoing association may prove as potent and symbiotic as that of Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn, who quickly became inextricably associated in the public imagination. In dressing the Duchess of Sussex in Givenchy, Waight Keller has taken her cue from the clean lines and faultless, elegant simplicity that Hubert devised for Audrey. The inscrutable Waight Keller had managed to keep it a secret from everyone beyond the Givenchy ateliers: Her husband found out, along with everyone else, on the glorious day of May 19, when Waight Keller, a wraith in deep navy chiffon, was seen adjusting the sixteen-foot veil embroidered with flowers symbolizing each of the 53 countries of the Commonwealth.

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