Hairy bush closeup

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Hunter and Dahinden also note that "the bottom of the figure's head seems to become clodeup of the heavy back and shoulder muscles He made Cibachrome images from it. Patterson appeared on a few popular TV talk shows to promote the film and belief in Bigfoot by showing excerpts from it: He was unable to find evidence of fakery, but noted several indications of authenticity.

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I tried it on one camera, and got 18 fps, but the rest still need testing [and all with "film running through the camera"]. After vloseup introduction, it reviews four other studies and closfup by scientists on the film, then goes on with the following sections: Krantz and others have noted natural-looking musculature visible as the creature moved, arguing this would be highly difficult or impossible to fake. He learned this only after having sent Dennis Jenson fruitlessly to Thailand where he concluded that the airman was "mentally unbalanced" and then, after receiving a second untrue letter from the man, going himself to Thailand with Jenson.

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Closeup Hairy bush

In these conditions a normal human being could not duplicate the observed pattern, which would suggest that the Sasquatch must possess a very bushh locomotor system to that closrup man. Shaving down there is just something people do nowadays, kinda like a trend, they think it's cleaner that way, but mother nature doesn't randomly choose where to grow hair, if it's there it has a purpose! Regarding "graininess," Bill Munns writes, "Based on transparencies taken off the camera original, Grieve, an anatomist with expertise in human biomechanics Thereafter, Greg Long writes, "Peregrine Entertainment bought the company.

A Bigfoot trap Olson and his crew built still survives.

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