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For instance, men in developing societies and working class backgrounds have a preference for plumper women Anderson et al. Human sexual strategies are integrated sets of adaptations that amd reproductive effort in the direction of higher fitness. Men with a short-term mating strategy tend to pursue temporary, low-commitment sexual relationships with multiple partners. They should thus be strongly interested in cues that signal, in a prospective mate, fertility and health, but also willing to engage in short-term mating. By contrast, men with a long-term mating strategy tend to seek durable, high-investment relationships.

Sexual strategy may be reflected in sociosexuality, which is defined as Male and female sex breast willingness to engage in sex without commitment. Individuals who scored low on SOI, and thus pursue a long-term mating strategy, were described as sociosexually restricted. Those who scored high, and thus pursue a short-term mating strategy, were described as sociosexually unrestricted. Both traits are known to be highly attractive and related to female fertility e. Li and Kenrick showed that men prioritized physical attractiveness even more for short -term than for long-term mates. As reproductive gains from short-term mating would be largely eliminated if a female was not fertile, it is possible that ancestral men may have had an adaptive need to identify and pursue short-term partners who were healthy and fertile Symons, In this study, we predicted, that male sociosexual orientation may also influence ratings of female breast attractiveness as a function of size.

Method Participants We recruited heterosexual men from Wroclaw University of Technology, from Wroclaw University, from sports clubs in Wroclaw, and through the Polish social networking webpage www. All men agreed to participate in the study. Skin of the breast is thin and has hair follicles, sebaceous glands and eccrine glands [18]. The results of different biological studies permit us to believe that human female breast liberate pheromone to attract men. Study of Varendi et al. This was supported by several others [13]. During lactating period woman attracts opposite sex [13]sometimes ending is incest Sibony, and in her company increases sexual activity in other women [12].

The product of the gland is propelled out by waves of peristalsis present on myoepithelaial cells placed in a longitudinal layer outside the gland [20]. Possibly there are two extra mechanisms involved in extrusion from breast. These glands are largely supplied by adrenergic sympathetic nerves and are also stimulated by circulating epinephrine [20]. During sexual excitation sympathetic nerves are stimulated and this leads to release of more pheromone. Thus during petting or sexual arousal in women, the circulating adrenergic hormones must be continuing to keep male partner aroused through pheromone. Role of Sebaceous Glands Mouth breast contact constitutes the one technique in human petting behaviour which is most distinctly human [2].

Fmale reasonings on this kind of oral eroticism are known. Mouth is an erogenous zone richly supplied with end organs of touch. Nicholson hypothesized kissing as for strengthening human bond [22]. He explained the mechanism as recognition of chemical action of sebum which enters the mouth of the one who kisses. The action of sucking promotes the entry of sebum into buccal cavity. Considering this theory in current discussion, sebaceous glands are many in areola conveying sebum to the skin through hair follicles. Sebum flows freely when body is warm. During sexual activity the rise in body temperature may increase flow of sebum.

Summarily sucking the breast permitting an addiction through chemical recognition of sebum and leading to a long lasting human bond [22].

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Conclusion Female breast remains attractive and sexual stimulant qnd man. Many times attractant breast functions as a medium for an everlasting relation. Geburtshifte Frameee, 50, WB Saunders Company, Philadelphia. Contracept Fertal Sex, 19, Biological Psychology, 15, Medical Hypotheses, 17, Panminerva Medicine, 21, Advanced Sex Medicine, 3, Hormones and Behavior, 48, Communication in International Biology, 2, Physiological Behaviour, 31, Hormones and Behavior, 22, Routledge and Kegan Paul, London.

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