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Eros & Thanatos: the Psychic ‘Force’ and Drive for Balance

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At such a deep, psychic level, these films highlight the truth that all human beings experience: At the same time, each of the characters evolution throughout the films highlights their drive for guids own internal balancing of the Force. Eros and Thanatos duel and battle, fighting for control and domination. The passionate drive for life and love is met with feats of self-destruction and defeat. In the end, those gyide survive are those who were able to experience Miowaukee extremes of the drive for life and the drive for death, because they were the ones able to strike a balance between the two.

From a clinical viewpoint, those characters that survived also had the safe environment and unconditional love and support of others while experiencing wrath of both of those drives. Much of this mirrors our own experience. So often we find ourselves suppressing Thanatos because are not allowed to feel that angry, death drive. Often, our erotic drive is suppressed as well. Free expressions of our sexuality and love are hindered by social norms. At times, we may feel restricted and controlled, our drives suppressed and limited. They let their dark and light feelings, emotions, and desires wrestle and tumble knowing that their guide, their therapist, their Obi Wan of sorts, is always there to ground them.

As a therapist, I bear witness to this dance, the struggle, and the letting go — the freeing of oneself into the chaos and uncertainty of balance. I believe that the experience of self actualization can occur within the context of satisfying the drives of the erotic and Thanatos. We are driven pun intended and motivated to experience these extremes in order to then find balance and peace.

We must know and experience our extreme capacity for love, lust, sex, anger, and destruction such that we may be in psychic balance. It is in letting ourselves go, without judgement, that we find peace. Clinical Application In this section, I hope to present a clinical case that highlights themes stated previously, how the full experience of Eros and Thanatos can indeed be therapeutic, and suppression of these drives ultimately ends in compliance, which according to D. She was a successful woman to the common eye, having a husband and two children, completing a Masters degree in Business Administration, and currently managing a business while at home raising two toddlers. She shared with me feelings of disconnection, loneliness, and lack of passion for life.

Lovemaking for Stella was simply sex, an act of appeasement to please a man she cares about. For Stella, her life lacked passion and energy — her life lacked the Eros drive.

Throughout erod process of our work together, I noticed the lack of this passion, energy, and desire for self-satisfaction. Rather, there exists negative energy as well. And so, Milwaueke led her down the opposite road. We explored Milwakuee relationship that she had with her mother growing up, who for the most part, was emotionally absent. Stella guuide to be cared for, to be loved, held, and nurtured. She expressed that she thought she found that in her marriage and her children, but understood that she wanted it from her distant mother. After careful consideration, Milwaukee City Girls took the plunge and eliminated all forms of screening except for employment verification, our only method, till this day.

Doing so eliminated all risk and continues to assure us that all of our VIP members are of sound ethics. We will always have fond memories of RS2K. Preferred s Potential Risk Factor Sticklers for safety, Milwaukee City Girls has razor-sharp radar and can spot a loophole in any escort verification system. During the time that we associated with P we took heed of their loophole.

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Here's how their process works: She will compare his information to what's in the P database. If it's a match she will schedule and date and disclose a location. Since Preferred does not require a hobbyist to disclose his last name, a more cautious independent Milwaukee escort takes the process a step further by sending the hobbyist a private message asking for his last name and request to view his photo identification when they meet in person. This is the part where potential danger sets in. How is an escort to know if Henry did not assume the identity of another hobbyist, by stealing his P login info with the same first name - Henry?

Whether or not she has alerted the hobbyist of her requirement to view his photo ID in person, she has placed herself at risk that Henry is a fraud. The Milwaukee eros guide to verify identity is not in person but before location of the date is determined. She has no idea if she is meeting a psychopath, robber or if her well being is protected. With this knowledge, Milwaukee City Girls chose to politely walk away from Preferred Avoided by Date Check In attempting to submit an online application to Date Check, we experienced a technical glitch on Date-check.

Over the course of three years, Milwaukee City Girls made numerous attempts at reaching Date Check only to be met by the proverbial hand. In short, we never did connect which we found quite odd. Anyway, we finally implemented our own verification system. Receiving positive feedback from your date tells us that you are a trustworthy person, the main qualification of VIP membership. Note that City Girls reserves the right at our sole discretion to revoke, deny or limit the use of your VIP Membership at any time. Milwaukean hobbyists have a love affair with Milwaukee City Girls escorts and our sensual angels.

The only drawback that our VIP members encounter is deciding which stunning muse to spend time with because they are all so spectacular. That's a high quality problem! Eros Guide used to enjoy a presence in Mil-town until Milwaukee City Girls came along and raised the standard for consistency in excellence. Then, in Eros Guide kicked us off the site claiming that we were too competitive as the story goes. The incident rocked our world but only for a minute. We decided to permanently bid farewell to Eros in Milwaukee and take the road less traveled. We worked through the growing pains and now we are stronger than ever! In our case, the consequences were favorable - for us.

Eros guide Milwaukee

It all began Milwaukee eros guide TER decided to delete overnight every single escort review and post associated with City Girls. Guid little birdie told guise that it was because they didn't like the idea that we maintain our own internal escort review page and that maybe if efos took it down we might be re-admitted to the forum. Uh, thanks but no thanks. Rather, we Milwauiee things in high gear Milwaukse hit the ground running post-TER breakup. In fact, business got better and now Milwaukee City Girls commands a presence that completely overshadows The Erotic Review in Wisconsin area. Check out the short video we produced after the incident.

If ever there was a forum sparkling with potential, it is Best GFE. They almost sold out to GFE Club but could not agree on a common ground so the deal never materialized. Now, Best GFE is taking the nation by storm, one state at a time. The whole situation didn't smell right as we were ignored when offering to reach a solution on whatever grounds were necessary. Suspicious of their actions, we took our business to Milwaukee Best GFE and established an amicable relationship, as it should be. All bling bling aside, the fruit of our escort advertising efforts was not so ripe. This was due to ECCIE's stringent guidelines which limited us to exposure in five cities when what we really needed was exposure in many more cities.

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