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Intensive Residential Treatment Services

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Desidential serious sexually problematic and criminal behavior, particularly if it has become patterned, is fueled in part by unresolved trextment trauma and conflict. She was barely eating and had thoughts of suicide. Although Alpha resieential a distinct cognitive-behavioral orientation, the techniques used in therapy at Alpha are eclectic and encompass behavioral, affective, and cognitive techniques. This will include, for many residents, the identification and alteration of the highly reinforcing practice of masturbating to, or ruminating on, unhealthy or criminal sexual fantasy material. He must also be able to identify and intervene in the chain of environmental and psychological events typically leading to his acting out.

Specific client referrals should be directed to the Intake Department. Alpha emphasizes accountability and individual responsibility for behavior and actions.

Treatment residential Mn adult

sdult Develops living skills and provides linkages to community services. The first treatment issue which must be addressed is the initial suppression of the offending behavior through outside control, comprehensive monitoring and supervision, peer pressure, etc. Reduce serious crime and victimization of innocent people. The adult residential program is highly structured and provides hour staff coverage.

Program Details Provides education on mental illness, medication and symptom management. This teatment the severing of many clients' pairing of their sexuality with exploitation, violence, hostility, need for power, and need to humiliate others. Offers on-site and community activities. Drugs and alcohol are also used in many cases to medicate the emotional stress guilt, fear, etc.

As previously stated, the primary program residwntial of Alpha Human Services is to extinguish or reduce the probability of recurring sexually inappropriate or criminal behavior. This requires the development of genuine empathy and respect for the feelings and well-being of other people. Information concerning Alpha's programs can be obtained by addressing inquiries to the Executive Director ext. Reduce the probability of sexual misconduct recurring.

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