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As for the towels to bring to the venue? Do you look best from the left side?

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I generally always focus on boobs. I ask if they have any concerns around consent Mlre personal boundary-breaking in this post- MeToo era. Perhaps in times past, the raunch element was ramped up, when getting your bits out was risque. I mean, do you really want to send a full-frontal totally-naked shot to someone? Accentuate your best assets. This is a cabaret show for a time when a third of Brits deem themselves unhappy with their bodies and cosmetic surgeons are reporting people requesting to look like they do through Snapchat filters. And if all else fails, black lace is a good place to start.

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And always, always, refrain from using the flash. Butt selfies are really hard. Twisting around is tough, though. Mine are my boobs.

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