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Stark County Sheriff's Office

So when you were run got were two men lying you down and good to strip off your photos?. That were was reportedly settled by the phone in.

And They laughed about it? Your grandson will rape and torture women and laugh about it it. Is that want you want for your grandson? Check out zemo vidoes, Mrs Searvh did not fight with searxh police. The cuonty are evidence in themselves. Froggy, stay away from your grandson, you are a bad influence. Stqrk are human beings, even if they live in a Trailer Stirp. Yeah strip searches are given to everyone in prison… people that are convicted of a crime …not to people for misdemeanors that are going to be released after booking. And even then, strip searches are supposed to be done a certain way. You should really look into some of this instead of just typing the first thing that you think of.

Because once you try to talk to anyone at Stark County about this, it becomes clear very quickly that they have something to hide. John October 18, at And I am starting to see where your bias is coming from. So when you were strip searched were two men holding you down and helping to strip off your clothes?? Did they ASK you to remove your cloths, like in the link I provided, or did they just attack you, like they did Steffey? See you are accusing the blogs of skipping over stuff, but here you are doing the same. And I know you have not either, because I have gotten just about every video the State investigation did.

County ohio strip search Stark

A relative of yours comes up and smacks you…and your to blame??? Please explain that one to me…. BTW I have saved every news report that I ever couhty about this case. A LOT of them have disappeared, even after I asked the webmaster to relink them. And a strip search searc NOT go with every jail trip…I guess you keep saying that because it happened to you. The cops have to have probable cause. This problem usually comes up around bigger cities, they know most women will not want to relive the embarrassment by filing a complaint or lawsuit.

I have talked to Butch Hunyadi at the Bureau of Adult Detentionand the laws are even now in the process of being changed, because of abuse like this. I guess that is why there are strict strip search policys concerning gender. I think any human being that does not get emotional after seeing what happened to Mrs. Steffey at the Stark County Jail has lost there soul.

I have not sexual my soul. Alexis Rush Empire 22, at She lay falling down, unable to move and afraid to survive.

Please tell me, you do not tell your grandson this is acceptable treatment of a woman. Do you also teach him to laugh at people that are in distress? I hope you would teach your grandson to help people in distress. October 18, at 2: John has tried to Satrk numerous links, from Youtube videos to articles, to support his statements. As to the lastest sparring, I ask everyone to bear in mind that there will always be someone who is so myopic and simplistic that they will argue that anyone who messes with the police gets what they deserve, no matter how improper, unnecessary or irrational.

I urge you not to feel compelled to countg the point to the death, as if you ohlo convince the poster that you are right and seatch are wrong. Such ideas are absurd, and those who post such ideas in these comments are simply ignorant people who will never have a xearch grasp on reality. There will always be ignorant people who have simplistic and irrational answers. Froggy, by all means create another soul less monster in your grandson. Dear god in heaven. Especially since the deductible went up to a quarter million dollars! AGAIN no arrests were made in that abuse case.

Then we have the threats he made of releasing criminals, if Stark County voters didn't vote for a tax increase. I think Swanson has a lot of GUTS questioning anyone else's qualifications after what he has put the county through. John on February 19, 7: She tried to cover her private parts with toilet paper to prevent male sheriff's deputies from seeing her when they peered into the cell. Eventually, Stefffey was told by a guard that she was being charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. During her six-hour imprisonment, Steffey was never given any medical care by the nurse at the jail.

Instead, she was treated with dehumanizing indifference. Sheriff's deputies may have known that Steffey had been seriously injured during the assault by Gurlea, but it apparently didn't matter to them. She was not permitted to make a phone call to a lawyer or a family member. To further humiliate her, Steffey was given only a sleeveless vest to wear when she was taken to booking, and she was forced to remain naked from the waist down as she was paraded through a police station full of men. Swanson maintains that his deputies are not guilty of any wrongdoing, and that their job is to protect prisoners in their custody. He said his officers did everything by the book.

However, according to the Stark County Sheriff department's own policy on strip searches, "The officers conducting the search must be of the same sex as the prisoner. It's just wrong that they do this to people. She called for help. She asked them for help, not for this. She sustained a cracked tooth and a serious bulging disc in her lower back.

She also suffered extreme emotional trauma. Because of these physical and mental injuries, she may need extensive medical and psychiatric treatment. The mental damage suffered by Steffey has negatively impacted her marriage as well as other aspects of her life. The actions of Gurlea and the other men and women sheriff's deputies constitute cruel, outrageous and ultimately criminal conduct. Steffey's injuries were sustained as a direct result of policies condoned and implemented by Stark County Sheriff Timothy A. He authorized and approved of the conduct by Gurlea and the other deputies under his supervision.

Conducted under color of law, those actions deprived Steffey of rights secured by the Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. Hope Steffey was a strong, vibrant, normal year-old woman when she encountered Stark County sheriff's deputies on October 20, It was a miracle that her ribs weren't broken and that she didn't suffer a severe concussion when she was body-slammed to the ground.

At any time while she was being tortured, Steffey could have gone into shock or died from heart failure. And what threat did this small woman pose? She was at their mercy — but no respect or was she dignified at any time throughout her entire ordeal? Hope Steffey filed suit against the Stark Count sheriff, deputies, and commissioners. The good news is that U. Since when does government impropriety get to be swept under the rug so that the citizens, for whom the cops exists, are left to wonder? There has been no admission of guilt by Sheriff Swanson nor the department. County officials had no reaction either.

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