Teen easter activities

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Making Easter Fun for Tweens and Teens

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Celebrate Easter with an egg hunt for your teen. Just because you have a teen, and not easher toddler, doesn't mean eastre you can't stage an awesomely imaginative Easter egg hunt that even your "big kid" will enjoy. Scavenger Hunt Instead of the traditional hide and seek Easter egg hunt model, try a more complex activity that your teen will enjoy. Invite enough of your teen's friends over to make at least two teams of four or five kids each. Create clues to guide the kids around your house, through your yard or around town, looking for eggs.

For example, hide an egg under a local historical statue, giving the players a fact-based clue. Another option is to give the teen teams clue coordinates or actiivities address to enter into a cell phone GPS. Whichever team hunts out the most eggs wins a special surprise such as a basket of Easter candy to share. Make a Map Instead of hiding the eggs in a small section of your yard or home, place them around the neighborhood -- avoiding any private property that you don't have permission to use -- and draw a map to find them candy-colored gems.

Give each teen his own map, marked with the locations of the eggs and set a clock for one hour.

Easter activities Teen

Your teen is old to enough to read a real map. Print out copies of a community map that can test the guests locating skills. Like the scavenger hunt, you can also allow a cell phone GPS app to help the kids locate the eggs. Count how many eggs each teen has found when the hunt wraps up. Hand out prizes, such as an over-sized chocolate rabbit or a box of marshmallow chicks, for first, second and third places. Why have your hunt Easter morning?

They want to sleep in anyway, so turn all the lights out the night before and have your hunt by flashlight. Create co-ordinates where eggs activiies hiding and let them use their GPS to find them. We hide it anywhere on our property one year it was hidden on top of the back tire of our car. Ahhh, the sweet sound of silence. Hide these throughout the house, but along the way, remember one for them, two for you. Paper bills and coins tucked inside plastic eggs rule the roost among this age group. Books — You can find a great selection of top young adult books here. Magazines — My girls are hooked on J14 and Tiger Beat.

Comic Books — Archie is the definitive tween classic.

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