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The two women can sure excite me and they seem to more cold me too. If you get worked on by the eastern of mass tied up, stunned, pulled, and preoccupied to the bed, then you are being to love these parenthood stories. So much deliberation psycho!.

Cold steel is all that she can feel when the haze of the chemical Tief whisked away from her head. The dark cloth band covers her eyes, rendering her blind. Chelsea tries to move her lips, but finds that duct tape covers them. Her heart picks up pace again. Oh my god- What happened to me? Why can't I move! As she tries to lift her arms and legs, she feels the harsh clasps of metal cuffs dig into her wrists and ankles. As the voice reaches her ears Chelsea freezes, the hairs on the back of her neck stand up on end.

On the way homeward I did personal a few truckers. Aft, I shocked her close—after-care, there it was again—and she saw herself up against my pic, burying her face in my member hair. Climbing my erection at her status site, I toned myself for her.

These last words send a bolt of panic through her. Chelsea kicks and flails in her restraints, the jagged metal refuses to give at all. I love it when they resist, makes my job oh-so fun. A pair of fingers suddenly tugs off the blindfold from her face. Bright, blaring light hits her eyes, which widen as the scene comes into focus. The room is rather dark; it would seem to be some sort of abandoned industrial warehouse. The place must not have been used in a good deal of time due to its filthy appearance.

A single ceiling light hangs suspended just next to her. The rays it casts highlight the dust that floats on the still air. Long shadows stretch from the various objects in the room. Before her lies a large metal table, its legs are bolted into the floor and unlike the rest of the room, it is polished to a shine. To her right is another table, this one wooden, sporting an incredible number of evil looking objects ranging from simple gags and whips to ridiculous devices that could easily have been from a horror film. Her eyes dart to the man before her. He is much bigger than she is; his face is covered by a ski mask with dark eyes staring lecherously at her stranded form.

Tossing the blindfold to the ground, he makes his way around to her side and then moves behind her, out of Chelsea's sight. Desperately she cranes her neck around, trying to get loose once again. She feels the stranger place a hand on Tied naked fiction shoulder, which in turn makes her jump and twist about even more in her handcuffs. He lowers his lips to her ear and taunts"Look to that table over there… we will start on the right and go down the line… and we have all night. The man lets his hand slide down her shoulder to the front of her chest. In response she tries to turn away, but the hand cuffs hold her back allowing his powerful hand to grope her breast forcibly.

He rolls Chelsea's full and supple breast about a moment. He relinquishes his grasp and walks to the table, plucking a large knife from the assortment; he casually strolls over to her chair, playing with the blade as he looks down at her. Bringing the weapon close to her chest, he slices up in a single swift motion; the fine edge cuts the fibers of her blouse open. He dips his hand into the gap and then roughly rips the clothing, tearing it from her body. He drops the remnants of the blouse to the floor, and then flips the blade under the front part of her bra. A little flick of his wrist and the razor sharp tip cuts the middle support of the undergarment. The padded cups dangle slightly but fall away and expose her bare breasts when he knocks the bra away with the knife.

All the while, Chelsea wiggles about in her seat, trying hopelessly to get away as she is stripped against her will. I told her to get on her back and she did. Then I got down between her legs and started licking that teenage pussy of hers, the sweetest one that I had ever tasted. Eventually I moved up to her firm breasts and kissed and sucked them for a while. Finally I gave her a kiss, asked permission to enter her, and then slipped it into her tight pussy. That night I got her virginity even though my dog had gotten there before me on many occasions. Fucking Evelyn was a fantasy that I had nurtured for a couple of years. The two women can sure excite me and they seem to like sharing me too.

My mind was racing much too quickly and I started to cum sooner than I had wanted too. The feeling was so intense that I drained my balls of every drop of cum and my body of every bit of strength that I had. When I finished cumming inside her I collapsed off to one side and just lay there. I was your present from your wife and my mother. John likes to take me out into the country, tie me up naked, gag me and go off and leave me. This time there will be a new twist. John going to leave me about feet from a interstate freeway.

Tied spred eagle facing the freeway. If someone looks at the right time they will see me. John take me out to the location. John placed leather cuffs on both wrists and ankles. John then tied off my right arm then my left. When things wound down, many people stayed the night.

We climbed into it, I stripped down to my underwear, and she took off her leg and pants. Then as people sleepily walked past to get water or whatever from the attached kitchen, we spooned under the covers. So much body contact! She still wearing her panties, but my hand slipped underneath them soon enough. Touching her and playing with her. When it seemed people were finished getting their midnight snacks, I reached down and pulled off her underwear. Rock hard, I pushed into her dripping pussy, and we quietly fucked. I held her tight as I thrust inside of her, silently hoping nobody would see what we were doing under the covers in the dimness.

She slipped her underwear back on just in time for the front door to open. A friend of hers, who was too late for the social, walked in.

Fiction Tied naked

naied She jumped out of bed, and hopped on her one leg over to him, too excited to put on her prosthetic. Others came to see who came in. After everyone went to bed and things died down again, she fell asleep in my arms, quite happy that the room was cool enough to rely on each other to stay warm. Some time later, in nakd pitch black of night, I woke up hard as stone. She was still asleep in my arms, unmoving. Should I take advantage of this situation? Take advantage of a submissive, sleeping, helpless, and even handicapped girl? Yes, I think I will.

I slid my hand back under her panties, and sure enough, she was still moist between her pussy lips. I rubbed her softly, and after a bit she responded with soft moans and gentle rocking. Unsure if she was fully awake, but knowing she was responding favorably, I pulled the covers off of us. I climbed on top of her, uncaring if someone walked in at this point. Pointing my erection at her dripping pussy, I lowered myself onto her. She moaned, and reached up to hold me. For the second time that night, we became one.

I helped her get her panties back on, and we fell asleep together again. Though people suspected, considering the sleeping arrangement. At this point, all three of us had grown pretty close as friends.

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