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The first sculptures were most likely used for religious purposes or were representative of gods.

Porcelain sculptures were first made in China, but those in Europe drew inspiration and the first porcelain sculptures were made in Meissen, Germany. These sculptures are aptly named after their city of origin. The use of ivory dates back roughly 2, years, whereas bronze figures were popular in Ancient Greece and brass sculptures gained in popularity during the Industrial Revolution. Over the years there have been key art movements that have influenced antique sculptures, these include Gothic, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Empire and Neo-Classical, new movements and Art Nouveau.

Statue Vintage bronze

Key Sculpture Influences since the 17thC There are particular periods of note in terms of their influence on antique sculptures, namely the Baroque, Rococo, Neo-Classical and Vihtage Deco movements. Baroque Ststue A continuation of the Renaissance brone, the sculptures of this period Vinyage the cultural movement of the Baroque period. Human figures appear to spiral towards a focal point or are often seen to be reaching out to the air. These antique sculptures are perfect in the centre of a space as they have multiple viewing angles. An important sculptor of this period is Bernini. Rococo The 18thC art movement originated in Paris in the early 18thC, these antique sculptures are often ornate, colourful, with use of curves and gold.

They are more jovial than the works of Baroque movement; they also tend to be smaller in comparison to the grandeur of a Baroque antique sculpture. Everything from horses, horses and riders, large animals such as bears and elephants, Roman gladiators and warriors, and even a life-sized statue of physicist Albert Einstein sitting on a bench have all featured in our inventory from time to time.

Bronzes of animals are particularly popular for outdoor use with the horse or horse and rider being amongst the most popular subjects along with bears and deer. Let's not forget bronze statues of birds though, we always have examples of large bronze statues of birds for our showroom and website visitors to look at including ever popular subjects like eagles, owls and others. Art Deco Bronze Statues and other Art Deco Bronzes The Art Deco movement which came to prominence in the s and s was very fond of bronze as a medium for expressing the lovely lines and curves which were so much a part of its ethos.

We have examples, usually recasts of the original pieces, by all of these well-known Art Deco sculptors in our showroom for you to see. Bronze Animal Sculptures Animal sculptures are always popular, for two main reasons: Bronze Lamps and Lighting Although most bronze sculpture is designed to be placed on display and looked at and admired, we do also stock bronze pieces that have been adapted, or were originally designed, to be lamps or light sources of one sort or another.

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Bronze table lamps, wall lights and other examples are well represented in our showroom but we also usually have larger items of bronze lighting available which may be suitable for use outdoors. Bronzes are available for a variety of purposes and to suit many different tastes. Please be sure to browse our website regularly as the stock changes almost on a daily basis and the bronze statue you have been looking for is sure to arrive sooner or later, so be sure to request our regular email notifications of new arrivals. You may be interested to know that we can usually ship bronze statues of virtually any size to almost any destination worldwide, so if you are not in the UK and see something you like, rest assured we can get it to you safely if you decide to purchase it.

We have specialist packing and shipping teams who can pack and ship your new acquisition to your destination anywhere in the world. You are urged however to request a shipping quotation before making a purchase.

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