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Lotus cars Vintage

The mid engined line continued with the Lotus Espritwhich was to prove one of the company's longest lived and most iconic models. Lotus developed its own series of four cylinder DOHC engines, the Lotus seriesand later a V8and turbocharged versions of the engines appeared in the Esprit. Variants of the series engine were supplied for the Jensen Healey sports car and the Sunbeam Lotus "hot hatchback". In the s, Lotus collaborated with Vauxhall Motors to produce the Lotus Carltonthe fastest roadgoing Vauxhall car. Financial troubles, death of Chapman[ edit ] ByGroup Lotus was in serious financial trouble. Production had dropped from 1, units per year to a mere The combined reasons were that the world was in the middle of an economic recessionsales in the key United States market had virtually collapsed and there had been limited development of the then model range.

US sales began to quickly jump into triple digits annually. At the time of his death, the car maker had built thousands of successful racing and road cars and won the Formula One World Championship seven times.

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As well as sports car manufacture, the company also acts as an engineering consultancy, providing engineering development—particularly of suspension —for other car manufacturers. Lotus's powertrain department is responsible for the design and development of the 4-cylinder Ecotec engine found in many of GM's VauxhallOpel Vontage, SaabChevrolet and Saturn cars. The new Exige has the same V6 engine as its bigger counterpart logus Evora and is not available in the US as a road-legal vehicle. Michael Kimberley, who had been a guiding light at Lotus in the s, returned and took over as the Acting chief executive officer of the Company and its Group from May Bahar intended to drive the brand up-market into the expanding global luxury goods sector, effectively away from the company's traditional light weight and pure driving experience simplicity.

Bahar was suspended as CEO on 25 May on a temporary basis, while an investigation into his conduct was undertaken. Jean Marc Gales replaced Bahar as the CEO of the company in and enabled the company to make a profit after decades in due to his effective market plans and strategies, before he left the company in June due to personal reasons and was replaced by Feng Qingfeng from Lotus Group's parent company, Geely.

Formula One and motorsport[ edit ]. Looking even more outrageous than the normally aspirated version, the Vintagf 82 Esprit Turbo boasted a new galvanised chassis, new suspension, and a bhp valve turbocharged 2. The Lotus line-up is now: Setting up a race car's suspension for the best aerodynamic effect meant that the driver wasn't sufficiently protected from road shocks, but a softer suspension compromised the aerodynamics. To resolve this, the Lotus Type 86 began development, with two separate chassis and two separate suspension systems. The car was a prototype and technology demonstrator and was tested extensively during the season.

During this season Lotus competed in the Type 81 Formula One race car. This was casr less punishing on the Vintags, but was eventually outlawed from Vintagge by the governing body. It was neatly styled, powered by a bhp 2. The year ends in tragedy. It used a pioneering system of computers to control the hydraulic suspension, to maintain the car's balance throughout cornering, accelerating, braking, or traversing a bumpy surface. An early experimental version of the Active Suspension system was tested on the Type 92 Formula One car, driven by Mansell. At the request of Lotus, Toyota acquired a The two companies had been in a mutual collaboration relationship with respect to technology since Over the following few years, Toyota would increase its shareholding in Lotus to

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